Extending my hiatus ;-;

Haiiii, it's July. As of now, I am on vacation (this is a scheduled post from 6/29) for the first time in about 5 years!! I'm at the Outer Banks. Anyway, I need to extend my hiatus to no given time. Expect me to be gone for at LEAST another month, if not more. I … Continue reading Extending my hiatus ;-;

April Blog Goals + Vacation?!

*aggressively screams* OIOIOI! Because of my 100 followers... I added sign-outs and all that. Guess what, people? This year my fam and I are going on vacay to the Outer Banks! I haven't been on vacation in 4 years! We are renting a beach house for the fourth of July weekend! I'm super excited, I … Continue reading April Blog Goals + Vacation?!