September Wrap Up + October Goals

Hey uh... I haven't done this since May and well, I guess I'll start doing it again. I got through my first month of 7th grade. I guess it's pretty easy since I'm homeschooled haha. Things that happened in September 2019: I went to my dad's work (an international airport, but for safety reasons I'm … Continue reading September Wrap Up + October Goals

April Wrap-Up + May Blog Goals

Hellooo, April was a quite good blogging month 😛 Let's see my goals from April: Stat goals: 200 views - Yes, I got 213! 70 likes - I got much more than that, 102 likes! 60 comments - Yes, 89. 7 follows - Uhhh, yeah! I got 13, thank you all 🙂 Post goals: Post … Continue reading April Wrap-Up + May Blog Goals