April Wrap-Up + May Blog Goals

Hellooo, April was a quite good blogging month 😛 Let's see my goals from April: Stat goals: 200 views - Yes, I got 213! 70 likes - I got much more than that, 102 likes! 60 comments - Yes, 89. 7 follows - Uhhh, yeah! I got 13, thank you all 🙂 Post goals: Post … Continue reading April Wrap-Up + May Blog Goals


April Blog Goals + Vacation?!

*aggressively screams* OIOIOI! Because of my 100 followers... I added sign-outs and all that. Guess what, people? This year my fam and I are going on vacay to the Outer Banks! I haven't been on vacation in 4 years! We are renting a beach house for the fourth of July weekend! I'm super excited, I … Continue reading April Blog Goals + Vacation?!

New Year Resolutions & Goals

I've never been real into "New Year Resolutions." I'm still not loving that idea, but I might try it in 2019 for the fun of it. I don't like it because I don't get why you can't have resolutions when it's not the new year. Like, everybody is saying "I'm going to start a diet … Continue reading New Year Resolutions & Goals