The 20 Question Book Tag!

I want to thank IsabelΒ for tagging me for theΒ 20 Question Book Tag! Be sure to check out her amazing blog. Now, let's get right into it! How many books do you think are too many books in a book series? Eeeeh, I'd say 7. Is that too specific or no? I don't like how many … Continue reading The 20 Question Book Tag!


5 Good Book Series

Hello hello! Today I am got a comfy new couch. Ha. Here is some good book series for people with my reading interests. Percy Jackson. What I like about the Percy Jackson books is that there is different series with the same characters. Like the first, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and I am now … Continue reading 5 Good Book Series

Divergent book review + Updates

Hello, happy Friday! TGIF, right?!! Especially this week. This is the first week of school for me, and the first day sucked :/ but it's only gotten better! I've been really busy, though. I changed guitar/music school (now I'm going to a better one, I have a chance to be in a band!) and I … Continue reading Divergent book review + Updates