1 Year Blogiversary!! (Blog Party)

Howdy! Guess what! Well, I’m sure you didn’t have to guess because of the title of the post, but guess anyway!


I’ve really enjoyed sharing this wonderful first year of blogging with you all. Thank you!

We’ll celebrate by having a blog party! Just comment a short paragraph about yourself with a link to your blog, and check out new blogs!

What: Blog Party on Creative Critique.
When: Now.
Where: Here.
Why: Creative Critique’s 1st Blogiversary!
How: Post a link in the comments with your name and a short bit about yourself. Check out other blogs and have fun!

So let’s celebrate!

Also, happy Veterans Day! Today it’s 100 years since WWI ended. Thank any veterans in your family or anyone currently serving our great nation. Now let’s party!pusheenparty