Happy Birthday + Halloween, Mom!

So, today is Halloween, yes, but it is also something bigger - my mom's birthday! I want you all to wish her a happy b-day. 🙂 No, Mom, the kids didn't go trick-or-treating because of you. But that doesn't mean you aren't special. Thank you for buying me food, making me food, cleaning the dishes, … Continue reading Happy Birthday + Halloween, Mom!

DIY Washi Tape Phone Case Designs

TYSM CHARLIE! Charlie (my bff) got me a bunch of cool things for my birthday, and I don't know HOW she knew I needed washi tape, but she somehow did.  Anyway, I'm using the washi tape that Charlie got me in this post ❤ First, I chose the designs I wanted: Next, I just put … Continue reading DIY Washi Tape Phone Case Designs