3 in 1 Liebster Award!

Ah, I bet the three of you who nominated me for this thought I'd never post it... but I remembered. If any of you nominated me for this and I didn't remember, PLEASE let me know! This is going to be a¬†loooooooong¬†post. For me, at least. Here goes nothin'! So, the first one, Ezra nominated … Continue reading 3 in 1 Liebster Award!


Food Themed Collab with Ezra

Oioioioioi! This is my first collaboration, and it's themed. Food themed yay! Make sure you check out Ezra's blog, Ezra's Everything Spot. Questions are bold; answers are...regular text I guess? Questions I gave him: 1. Do you like soup? It kinda depends what kind of soup, but I love chicken and noodle soup. 2. Pastry … Continue reading Food Themed Collab with Ezra

What Are Your Assumptions About Me?

So recently everybody has been doing this (for example *the other* Christina and Ariana) and I thought I'd give it a try! So, all you have to do is comment a few of your expectations about me, for example: Music. "You like Maroon 5!" (UGH NO I DON'T XD) Looks. Like "you have strawberry blonde … Continue reading What Are Your Assumptions About Me?


agh I'm sick! 1 thing: im never sick. its been years since ive had a cold. ive never had the flu. sorry for spelling mistakes. i woke up and my throat hurt when i cleared my throat. (i clear my throat ratger than cough. then i wasnt hungry for breakfast (egg sandwitdcg) and then i … Continue reading SICK!