agh I'm sick! 1 thing: im never sick. its been years since ive had a cold. ive never had the flu. sorry for spelling mistakes. i woke up and my throat hurt when i cleared my throat. (i clear my throat ratger than cough. then i wasnt hungry for breakfast (egg sandwitdcg) and then i … Continue reading SICK!


The Bloggers Project!!

The Bloggers Project! (reblog)

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The Bloggers Project is a collaboration blog. The idea came originally from Joy18 who runs Glorify Christ, an amazing blog. I am in it along with Maddy from Maddy’s Digital Diary

The image you see above is the blogs button, which I designed for the blog.

What You Can Do!

Please follow the blog, I am sure you will love it just as I do.

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Also, check out the most recent post Blog Party! that I made. 🙂

See ya and thanks for reading! ❤ 


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Howdy and Shalom, everyone!

I’m here today to ask everyone for some serious help! There’s this family in Texas going through some seriously sad and frankly, sick circumstances right now and they need our help. It’s about a boy named James whose mom is trying to force him to be a girl! His dad is Christian and fully against it, but he doesn’t have the financial support needed to fight this. If the court rules in his wife’s favor, James’ dad will be forced to pay for the surgery or face jail time while losing his parental rights. For the full story, please see this website:

You can help fight this by signing this petition. You can also help by helping raise funds to fight this in court by buying and wearing a Save James T-shirt. If nothing else, though, please pray for this family and reblog…

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What Social Media Can Do To You…

This post is so true. Thanks for getting the word out, Ariana! *Note this is a reblog*

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I’m a girl who isn’t allowed to have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. I have an email, Skype, Google Hangouts, (all contacts = friends, and people I know), and then Google + where I follow only my friends. 

Yes, it’s true, I have not really dealt with this problem.

No, it’s not true that I don’t know the serious effects of the media. 

I do know the effects of social media and I have seen it, sadly.

Let’s take this one by one, shall we?

First, we will talk about each social media, what you see, what you don’t see, how the social media works, too; then we will wrap it up and talk about the effects.


Snapchat is a big thing nowadays. You can send messages/pictures/videos to certain people that disappear after they are viewed. (First, I think this is weird, but whatever).

People can send perfect vacation pictures.


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