About Me

I am a homeschooler who enjoys art, reading, writing, baking, blogging, talking (I love to talk), cats, volleyball, Pusheen, playing guitar, listening to music, and much more. I REALLY love playing guitar.

I have 12 hens named Chickyn, Ethel, Nugget, Scramble, Flash, Cashew, Martha, Sugar, Runner, Cuckoo, Drumstick, and Henrietta. They’re all the same breed, and I’m the only one who can tell them all apart. They’re like a big family to me.

My favorite color is teal/turquoise, and I also like blue, purple and yellow. And green, and orange, and silver, and red. I am the youngest of three, having a brother and a sister in high school.

My favorite band is Imagine Dragons. Well, you would know that if you read any of my blog posts… *update: ID is still my favorite band but I REALLY like Twenty One Pilots, AC/DC, and Weezer.*

I like meeting new bloggers and checking out their blogs!


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