Life Is Too Short | MY MOM’S FIRST POST!

This is my first guest post on my blog, so I decided to have my mom make her first ever blog post!

Every Christmas season I try to have more fun by slowing down and keeping it simple. I’ve already mastered from previous years not buying something just to “give a gift.” I traded purchased items that I put on credit card (always spending more than we make) to preparing something or spending quality time with loved ones. For example, I will make a batch of candy, watch a movie, or chip away at a 1000 piece puzzle at home. By replacing frantic with fun, I see more blessings and are making deeper memories to keep me satisfied to the soul. This year I will try to focus on less plans than the previous years, and stop trying to marathon cooking, cleaning, and wrapping. My takeaway is that the more imperfect things appear to be, the more “perfect”/content I feel. Life is too short to get so caught up in the fast pace. Life is not a race! Best wishes to you and your loved ones this holiday season….



12 thoughts on “Life Is Too Short | MY MOM’S FIRST POST!

  1. Wow…. I really loved this. Something to really think on this year. I really loved this post. Hope you post again.

    p.s. I just finished a new blog. It’s private,(but it could go public depending on what collabs want). It’s a blog where you can write your own posts, etc. without having to own, create and go through the hassle of making your own blog! It’s called a collaboration blog, you can join and post. I’m just getting it up and going!

    Love Fiona!

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