tøp pøst/music pøst |-/

So, I don’t know if I’ve ever done a Twenty One Pilots post, so here’s one now. (I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo all day and I need a bReAK!)

Regional At Best is being banned from Youtube, which is my main source for music. There is only *øne* good Kitchen Sink video that I can find which isn’t banned, and the rest of RAB is also disappearing. 😢

My message to the Clikkies: DOWNLOAD RAB, SCREEN RECORD IT, DO ANYTHING RIGHT NOW! RAB can’t go!! AAaAH!

Oh, so I decided to share my NaNoWriMo playlist for today! I don’t normally listen to music while writing, but I did today so here’s what I listened to in order:

  • heathens by tøp
  • fairly løcal by tøp
  • my bløød by tøp
  • cancer (tøp versiøn)
  • a car, a tørch, a death by tøp
  • addict with a pen by tøp
  • fall away by tøp
  • blasphemy by tyjø
  • lane bøy by tøp
  • døubt by tøp
  • nicotine by panic! at the disco
  • fake yøu øut by tøp
  • drøwn by tyjø
  • save by tyjø
  • kitchen sink by tøp (that took a løt øf digging tø find løl)
  • anathema by tøp (rest in peace)

Okay, and *øne* last thing — so, we all know that MCR is back. Yee. The show was sold out in 3 minutes apparently, so that… that’s nice. I just wanted to remind us poor souls that there is no chance that you can scavenge a ticket.

Gøødbye frens, and stay alive. ||-//


74 thoughts on “tøp pøst/music pøst |-/

  1. whoop topppp! (i’m actually listening to them rn, typical sarah lol). I’m so sad about rab, really sad and heartbroken. but i’m happy that mcr are back (like, on top of the world happy), you listen to them much? thankfully kitchen sink (which is my fav top song) is still a bonus track on vessel, sooo yeeee that’s good.

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  2. christina someone else put RAB on spotify!! a new podcast!! i’m so happy 🙂

    i also have RAB on vinyl so if you’re ever truly desperate i could record it and pass it on to you!

    also, did you know that someone put the sleepers version of hometown on spotify?? if you search “hometown sleepers” it comes up!

    anyway, your playlist is sick as frick. some of my favs 🙂

    ❤ ❤ ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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      1. Well yes. You aren’t the first friend that got unfairly banned from scratch and decided to retreat to wordpress for the time being. How are you?

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      2. Yeah that sounds like a good idea. Scratch is gonna be crawling with the bad fellows in a few years. They keep getting rid of the good ones

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      3. You shouldn’t quit, from what I’ve seen you are very talented (probably cant answer more, it’s almost 22:30, I’d love to talk more but i don’t know how to use wordpress mobile xD Goodnight! I’ll answer tomorrow though!)

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      4. Nothing much, preparing for a big test on thursday. They divide this one in two parts, on monday we had three hours of norwegian and on thursday two more. And music exam on friday, it ain’t ever over :/

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      5. Okay, so go onto your site stat’s and things like that… click “manage” then click “people” and you can invite me by username (creativecritique22) but take into consideration that it will let me do whatever I want to your site. I promise I won’t destroy it or anything though XD


      6. Great! I think I’m going to focus more on figuring out the mechanics before i try the aesthetics. As my (dead) grandpa used to say: “Learn to walk before you run, you can’t win a marathon without learning the track and you can’t sail the ocean if you don’t know the winds. Step by step” (he had the most epic quotes ever)

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      1. Cool! I’m not sure if I’ve written 32,000 words in my life lol! Congrats on that!

        I’ve been obsessed with my banjo lately. Just something about the sound and the Lord has blessed me with songs. I just can’t write lyrics…

        It’d be awesome to see you play guitar!

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