yeeee tøp cøncert søøn

I am soooooo hyped (bad pun) for the twenty øne piløts cøncert coming this next week. twenty øne piløts is my favorite band of aaaaall time. This will have been my 3rd concert I’ve been to ^-^ (Rush, Imagine Dragons, and now tøp.)

Honestly, don’t expect photos. I’m wayyy too lazy to do that. (Still no vacation post and it’s October? I think not!)

I wish I had known about tøp for the Blurryface tour because that’s what all the good songs are on. Trench is okay but isn’t my favorite.

While I watch this squirrel out the window hop around, I’ll say goodbye to this short post.


Adios frens!

Catch you later

12 thoughts on “yeeee tøp cøncert søøn

  1. YAYAYAYAYAY!!! i’m so HAPPPPPPPY for youuuuuuuuuuuuu, christinaaa! I’m also so excited for you too, you’re gonna love it! and i’m gonna guess that you’ll prob like trench better after the concert (just a guess tho). i’ve only been to one concert and that was top. but rush and imagine dragons are so good… you have great tastes. buuut OH MY GOODNESSSSSS!!!! HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME, DEAR FRENN!!!! ||-//

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  2. CHRISTINNNAAA IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! The setlist looks AMAZING (not sure if you’ve seen it yet) and it has more blurryface this time around!!! I hope you have an absolute blast. HAVE AN AMAZZZZING TIME!!!
    power to the local dreamer |-/

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      1. Yess I remember that’s how I found you!!! I can’t believe it’s actually happening now 😱 I hope you have an incredible night, I’m so so glad you’re going!! Two more hours!! You just be so excited 😊, I definitely was at this point 😝 Have an AMAZING time!!! ❤️❤️

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      2. The experience is just INCREDIBLE. There’s no right words to describe it. It’s breathtaking to be able to sing the words that you’ve been singing alone with thousands of other people who have the same connection ❤️❤️❤️
        power to the local dreamer ||-//

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