April Wrap-Up + May Blog Goals

Hellooo, April was a quite good blogging month 😛

Let’s see my goals from April:

Stat goals:

  • 200 views – Yes, I got 213!
  • 70 likes – I got much more than that, 102 likes!
  • 60 comments – Yes, 89.
  • 7 follows – Uhhh, yeah! I got 13, thank you all 🙂

Post goals:

  • Post my collaboration with Ezra. Yes, here if you want to read.
  • At least 1 art post. No….
  • Post at least 4 times. Yes, I got 4 posts in (not counting the blog goals post)

Ahhh, that was nice. Thank you all. So since I didn’t do an art post, I’m going to put that in my May goals 🙂

May Goals:

Stat goals:

  • 15 follows

Post goals:

  • Post at least 1 art post
  • Post 5+ times
  • Post 2+ book reviews

I’m not good at finishing posts so here’s my sign-off.

See you next time!


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