Just a guitar and band update

So I haven't been posting lately because I'm really busy. And most of that business is because of band. So this is just an update on band stuff. First of all, I am responsible for three solos this show (well technically four but it's basically just noise to play for the bass and drum solo) … Continue reading Just a guitar and band update


Short Story Submission ~Passion~

If you are not a blogger/follower/just reading this for enjoyment, don't read this part. So, I'm entering into EP's Short Story Contest, and I have to post it on something like a blog... so here. It's calledΒ Passion, by Christina {insert last name} and the story is below πŸ˜› Jane's family had it made before her … Continue reading Short Story Submission ~Passion~

DIY Washi Tape Phone Case Designs

TYSM CHARLIE! Charlie (my bff) got me a bunch of cool things for my birthday, and I don't know HOW she knew I needed washi tape, but she somehow did.Β  Anyway, I'm using the washi tape that Charlie got me in this post ❀ First, I chose the designs I wanted: Next, I just put … Continue reading DIY Washi Tape Phone Case Designs

April Wrap-Up + May Blog Goals

Hellooo, April was a quite good blogging month πŸ˜› Let's see my goals from April: Stat goals: 200 views - Yes, I got 213! 70 likes - I got much more than that, 102 likes! 60 comments - Yes, 89. 7 follows - Uhhh, yeah! I got 13, thank you all πŸ™‚ Post goals: Post … Continue reading April Wrap-Up + May Blog Goals