Food Themed Collab with Ezra

Oioioioioi! This is my first collaboration, and it’s themed. Food themed yay! Make sure you check out Ezra’s blog, Ezra’s Everything Spot.

Questions are bold; answers are…regular text I guess?

Questions I gave him:

1. Do you like soup?

It kinda depends what kind of soup, but I love chicken and noodle soup.

2. Pastry or candy?

Pastry, I rarely eat candy. but I love pretty much all pastries.

3. What’s one thing you regret eating?

A really hot Jalepeno.

4. Sweet and sour or sweet and savory?

I like both but maybe sweet and savory.

5. Have you ever tasted sushi, and if so, do you like it?

Yes, I love sushi!

6. Do you eat one big meal 3 times a day or do you eat lots of snacks throughout the day?

Usually one big meal 3 times a day.

7. If you could have a dream garden, what would you grow?

Corn, and pretty much every fruit except papaya (they taste horrible).

8. What’s your favorite restaurant?

Probably Chipotle.

9. Unhealthy but delicious or healthy but gross?

Unhealthy but delicious, (I do the other way around like every day, so I want a change)

10. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner and why?

Breakfast, because it is almost always yummy. Bacon, pancakes, cereal ect.

Okay, now for the questions he gave me!

Questions He Gave Me:

1. What is your favorite international type of food (Mexican, Italian, Indian, ect.)?

Italian definitely! I love Italian food so much!

2. Do you like potato chips or corn chips better?
Corn chips. I do like corn chips better, but I don’t hate potato chips!
3. What is your least favorite type of international food?
Oh, I dislike Mexican food but actually my least favorite is probably Chinese food. I’m a little bit picky.
4. What’s your favorite food to have at breakfast?
That one is hard… *sitting here for literally 10 minutes thinking about it* maybe cinnamon rolls. I rarely have them, but when I do, I like to lick the pan when I’m done and it gets my face all sticky. It’s 105.7% worth it.
5. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
I try to avoid eating weird things in fear that it will get me sick, but I think we’ve all eaten my answer: Rice Crispy cereal with water. It wasn’t bad, you should try it sometime!
6. Do you like Mexican food or sea food better?
Seafood definitely. I actually hate fish sticks and shrimp, but other than that, I’ll eat seaweed, kipper, sardines, crab, and things on that line all day long.
7. What’s your least favorite restaurant?
Kidding me? I don’t know if this counts as it is a fast food restaurant, but I promised myself when I was like 8 years old that I would never eat McDonalds again. I know some things about them that I’m not going to tell you because I don’t want to make you sick (of course if you eat from McDonalds you’ll probably get sick anyway)
8. What’s your favorite type of candy?
Definitely Airhead Xtremes. I really like Sour Patch Kids too but Airhead Xtremes are quite delicious. Sometimes when I get them, I eat the entire package all at once and it’s 84.2% worth it.
9. What’s one food that you used to dislike but now you like it?
Imma say asparagus. I used to HATE asparagus, but now I love it, and I’d be glad to eat it anytime.
10. What’s your favorite fruit?
Raspberries! Yes, raspberries rock! They are the only plant we’re growing that I actually take care of during summer because they’re the only plant I care about. I remember those summers when I would stop practicing volleyball and I’d go down to the raspberry plant and eat them without washing them…. That’s something I’ll never do again because I found a bug in one of the raspberries once xD

That’s it! It’s about time – I just looked back and we did this collaboration WEEKS ago.

I didn’t think I’d get it posted today but here we are. Boy, I’m sure glad I don’t have a posting schedule – I’d die.
What foods do you like? Agree, disagree? Comment away!
See you next time!


17 thoughts on “Food Themed Collab with Ezra

    1. That kinda sucks living in Texas haha. I think it’s because I’ve had so much of it, I need a break xD
      You need to try sushi, it’s the best. California rolls are my favorite because they’re cooked.
      Thanks, Ari!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Did you hear about capsaicin pepper cream for arthritis? I have neck pain a lot (I go to physical therapy for it) and the first time I used it, my mom rubbed it all over my neck and I almost cried. I said, “It feels like my neck is on fire” and “it feels like somebody is pressing a blow drier against my neck” It really did.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I love raspberries too! I also hate McDonald’s and Burger King… although I WILL go to McDonald’s if it’s for one of those little ice creams or milkshakes. Other than that, no way! XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. McDonald’s is so horrible my stomach literally clenches at the sound of that name. But I will eat their classic desserts and none of that weird inventions they try to sell to the public. Being a born and bred Chinese, I totally disagree with you on the Chinese food one. Chinese food is so amazinggg how could you dislike itttttt (oh well I eat it everyday anyway) jk, we are all entitled to our own opinions 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is such a fun read!! Amen to sushi, breakfast foods, & sea foooood! Although I gotta say, it would be so hard for me to choose between Italian, Mexican, & Indian. Those are my top three- just depends on the mood!

    Thanks for sharing! This was a blast to read.

    Liked by 1 person

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