April Blog Goals + Vacation?!

*aggressively screams* OIOIOI! Because of my 100 followers… I added sign-outs and all that.

Guess what, people? This year my fam and I are going on vacay to the Outer Banks! I haven’t been on vacation in 4 years! We are renting a beach house for the fourth of July weekend!

I’m super excited, I definitely need a vacation. Did you know… last time I went on vacation, 2015, to the Outer Banks, there was sharks? And the day we left, somebody was bitten by one? My brother kicked one. (By accident of course)

No joke, look up “2015 OBX shark attacks.”

Let’s get to my March stats:

Views: 198 – ooh, almost 200. I didn’t have a goal for March, so I’ll make 200 my goal for April.

Visitors: 75

Likes: 60. Not bad 😛

Comments: 52. This was especially because of my last posts. Keep commenting, people!

And… 5 follows! yeehaw!

Now, April blog goals!

Stat goals:

  • 7 follows.

Post goals:

  • Post my collaboration with Ezra.
  • At least 1 art post.
  • Post at least 4 times. That’s gonna be a tough one.

I’m not starting off with real big goals, just ones that I can handle. I need to get back into the groove of blogging.

You going on any vacations that you know of yet? What are your blog goals? Are you excited for spring? 🌷🌼🌻

See you next time!
Sorry for the low quality, I guess I downloaded it that way.

P.S. Happy April fools day! I’m not going to prank my mom today, because the *clear nail polish* will dry tomorrow. (I hope she’s not reading this.)

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