What Are Your Assumptions About Me? ~Answers~

So, here’s my answers to all of your assumptions about me (last post)

You get all A’s in school.
Ehh, I’m homeschooled so I’m not really graded, but in terms of if I do good in school, let me just say I could if I wanted to.

You’re super friendly!
I have to admit that I’m not SUPER friendly. I try to be but sometimes I let it slip… sometimes I sound mean because of my tone and expression too. I’m not like, downright mean, I just tend to sound mean sometimes. So I can’t say I’m SUPER friendly but I’m just… regular friendly *most of the time*.

Your favorite food is hotdogs.

Actually, no! I enjoy hotdogs during summer but my favorite food is actually mozzarella sticks! But who could’ve guessed that lol?

You love to read.

Almost all of the ones above were slightly incorrect, but this is very true! I stay up as late as I can be aware of what’s going on in my book and read. It’s really fun!

You love to freestyle dance in your room.

Naw, I can’t dance and I’ve convinced myself that without trying, though I tend to lip sing to songs in the shower xD |-/

You love blue entirely.

Of course! Blue is the BEST COLOR EVER! Unless teal/aqua/turquoise counts as a color. I also like green, purple, yellow, and silver.

You are not scientific.

This is true. I used to be very into science, but after 6th grade science I dropped it. I’m stuck on acids and bases. I know what an acid is but I’ve never heard of bases. I watched the video like SO MANY times but I still don’t get it xD

You’re an introvert.

No way! I’m very extroverted. In an annoying way too lol.

You like Skillet.

I enjoy listening to Skillet but they aren’t one of my top bands.

You’re a good artist but you don’t do art very often.

I can say this is true. Whenever I mess up, I quit so I don’t do art very often. I don’t know that I’m GOOD though — I just enjoy it.

You love music.

Definitely! Music is my life!

Your favorite color is blue.


You have light brown hair.

My hair is brown, just normal brown, but it is lighter during summer.

You love chocolate candy.

Yep! It’s not my favorite – my favorite is Airhead Xtremes – but I do love chocolate candy!

You like reading.


You do not like broccoli.

In my opinion, broccoli takes like nothing so I don’t like or dislike broccoli.

You have 3 siblings.

No, I have 2 siblings. I’m the youngest. I have a 18-year-old sister and a 16-year-old brother.

It sounds like you need to get to know me a little more! (Of course this is mostly on my part – I rarely post anymore }:| )

Congrats to those who got it right. (And good tries to the rest of y’all!)

Hope to see you around!

*Note, again, thanks for the 100!*

TL;DR (I proofread it automatically though)

11 thoughts on “What Are Your Assumptions About Me? ~Answers~

  1. Wow! I was right on a lot of them 🙂 The siblings one was a guess (I actually thought that you were an only child but I decided to try something different!) I learned a lot of new things about you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know if my comments always come through. I seem to have a problem lately…

    Anyway, congrats! You seem awesome! And maybe a bit scientific..

    Liked by 1 person

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