I got him!

I just got…him! A roborovski hamster! I haven’t named him yet, do you have any suggestions?

I was out at PetSmart getting hideouts and stuff, and I saw him… he’s so tiny! Smaller than robos look like online, but I think he’s young. So I got him and the ride home was misery. It was like an hour and a half before I let him out because we had to pick up my brother from school and I had to set up the cages (I didn’t know I’d be bringing him home today) but when I let him out he was super curious. He’s doing great! I can’t take pictures yet because he is burrowing, and I can’t open the cage he’s in or take him out yet..What is he doing down there xD

I’ll post the pictures when I get em.

So, you got any name suggestions?

*just so you know I copied this from the hamster forum I go on with few edits so if it’s weird it’s because this was copied and pasted. I just wanna tell you about the ham!

**EDIT** Here’s some blurry pics. (he was moving so fast that it was blurry.)

https://ibb.co/c2HP0XL https://ibb.co/K5v7z1d

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