Christmas Spirit

It’s exactly 1 month until Christmas. Last week, I wouldn’t believe it. Well, for two reasons: First reason, last week was NOT exactly 1 month ’till Christmas. That’s a good reason, huh? And two… I just wasn’t in the spirit. It was before Thanksgiving. But a couple days after Thanksgiving, I’m pumped up for Christmas. Right now, I really am in the spirit.

I was outside in pouring rain with my chickens, putting them inside their coop making sure that they were fed for the night before I closed the coop-to-run door. I knew that I would struggle to go back outside and close their door in the pouring rain. I was shivering. My hands and feet were going numb, and before I went back to the house, I had to bring in the eggs. Or egg, I should say. It’s winter and my chickens aren’t laying as much, but we have to give them some lights in their coop because today I only got 7 EGGS from my 12 chickens.

I tried not to drop the egg as I was walking to the house. My hands were quite numb. When I came inside, I rinsed my hands and they felt like play-dough. I got dressed and I saw it: The Christmas tree in the living room, next to the new couch. After that, I’ve truly been in Christmas spirit.

Anyway, I have an artificial Christmas tree. What about you? Take the poll below.

14 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit

  1. AHHH I’m so excited for Christmas 😀 I had to contain myself until after thanksgiving-but now I’m ready to get all the deco out and work on presents and crank up the christmas music yay
    Sooo I prefer real trees but currently we are using an artificial tree :/ IT’S OK I GUESS

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    1. YES! I have artificial and have never had a real tree. I prefer artificial trees because they last longer. With real trees, you have to get a new one each year and bring it home… but I guess artificial isn’t much better. You always have to straighten the fake branches and stuff, and this year, I have to do the entire tree this week. By myself. I guess I kinda like both.
      I love the smell of real trees, but we have this AMAZING Yankee Candle the smell of a Christmas tree and that makes it SOOOO much better.

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  2. I hope your hands are feeling better now. Numbness is not good. Do you get that numbness quite often? If yes, please have your labs done for B12. My mother would love your chickens. She tells me that growing up she always had chickens but you know in the city living it’s not easy to keep them. I think here in Portland they allow you for that as I have seen a couple of people with chicken coupe in their backyards.
    We celebrate Christmas with our friends but we don’t do any decoration or tree at our home. I love to go to the mall and take kids to see those pretty light. In Madison, we had a wonderful park decorated with lights, all you do pay donations and see around. I don’t know about Portland as we moved here only 6 months ago. Fresh eggs are always good to have. Show us some pictures once you put your tree up. (As you know we all have different beliefs, so in Islam, we consider Jesus PBUH one of the beloved prophet of God, I hope my comments are not offending you)

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    1. I don’t get numbness in my hands often, no. It was just raining and almost at freezing that night. My hands are better now, though. It goes away quickly.
      I don’t think that you can have roosters in cities, but you can have a few hens 🐔
      Your comments are not offending me. I understand 🙂

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  3. I’m getting excited for Christmas now. We’ve been decorating so it’s looking more like Christmas! Plus it’s been freezing the past couple of days which makes it seem more like Christmas than when it’s 80 degrees. We got a real tree one year and I hated taking care of it so it’s been artificial ever since. 🙂

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    1. Same with me, for almost everything you’ve said there! I have an artificial tree. They’re also a lot to take care of. I have a huge one that almost touches the ceiling, and it’s my job to straighten all the branches before next week. And, yeah! It’s been SO cold, and today it’s REALLY windy, I don’t know if it is where you are. Unfortunately, the only Christmas decoration we’ve brought out of storage was our Christmas tree. We should get to decorating 😉😜

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