What I’m Doing On Thanksgiving

I hope that you’re having a very joyful and blessed Thanksgiving. I am. I’m currently with my great grandparents, grandmother, mother, and my brother. My dad is in the basement making the turkey, which should be ready in 2 hours. And who knows where my sister is. I’m listening to Imagine Dragons – Bullet It a Gun. It’s embarrassing — I think it’s a good song.

I just went outside with my great-grandfather and brother to see the chickens. My nose is red from the cold. (SONG CHANGE: ID: Digital)

I am itching to play guitar. But that’s not going to happen because I have to be with my fam. But I am REALLY itching to jam out. Good day for it.

GOOD NEWS! My band is playing on December 8th. I don’t even know what songs we’re playing and how to play them! But I’m getting better at guitar. (SONG CHANGE: ID: Zero)

I’m so excited to have pie. More than the turkey right now, but that’ll change. And I love potatoes, too. Any type of potatoes. Except for McDonald’s fries.

This is my great-grandmother and I, and I blocked our faces out with my favorite emoji because I’m not quite to the point of showing my face online.NANA AND I INTERNET SAFE

How’s your Thanksgiving? What do you think of the new WP editor? Do you think I should try/use it? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? Talk to me!

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