Chicken Update + Dreams in the past 3 nights

Hello hello! Guess what? At the place where I guitar lessons they fit me into the band program! It already started a few weeks back, but my teacher thinks that I can catch up. Want to know something sad? I lost my tuner. It’s like 15 bucks or something. And it’s red. You don’t often see those anymore. So NOW, I have to tune it by ear because I LOST MY TUNER!

My chickens are all laying regularly now. We’ve named them: Nugget, Ethel, Martha, Scramble, Cuckoo, Flash, Chickyn, Cashew, Sugar, and Drumstick. I still haven’t named a couple. Have any name suggestions?

Yesterday, I was sitting down and Nugget was getting ready to take a nap on my lap *haha that rhymes* and Cuckoo (I named her today after an incident) jumped on my lap. Nugget freaked and started pecking Cuckoo. They pecked each other on my lap and Nugget jumped off and ran away. Then Cuckoo started pecking ME! She scratched my PJ pants like they were grass, and she was walking all over my stomach and lap. She kept pecking me and it HURT! Then she started walking up my stomach and I pushed her off.

Today, I sat down in the same spot, and Cuckoo jumped on my lap and started pecking me again. She did basically the same thing as yesterday, but today she climbed up my stomach and ONTO MY HEAD! I stood up as her claws were digging into my scalp, and her feet tangled around my hair. I ran around, trying to get Cuckoo off of my head. That’s when I named her Cuckoo. If you saw me, you’d see a tween running in circles with a live chicken on her head, yelling at the chicken. After about 15 seconds of that, Cuckoo decided that maybe I didn’t want poopy chicken claws digging into my brain, or maybe she realized that my head wasn’t a roost. 🐓

*Update. I decided to add a size comparison from when my chickens first started laying to now:

This is the photo I took of the first 2 eggs they laid. In my post EGGS!
This is a photo I took just a few days ago. I apologize for the blurriness.

Dreams I remember from Wednesday to Thursday:

I was playing a game where you had to get the player from the other team wet with some sort of liquid, and the other team had 20 players and my team, at the time, only had 1—me. I remember I used some sort of hand sanitizer gel that hardened like Jell-O and I put it into this baking mold somehow. Then this kid and someone else who I didn’t pay attention to came behind me. I knew that he was on my team. He must’ve been around 7 or 8 years old.

 The hand sanitizer Jell-O worked out, I think. It hit one of the teammates hidden in some sort of auditorium. Then—here’s the crazy part—the leader of the other team decided to change the rules to “everybody has to get wet to lose.” The leader of the other team was my volleyball coach.

Now, volleyball was that evening. I totally forgot Wednesday that Thursday night was volleyball. I don’t know if it was a coincidence that I had 2 volleyball related dreams, but if my brain can remember that in my SLEEP, I’m good 😛😁! I seemed to have forgotten that my coach was on vacation, though.

I couldn’t argue, so I did all these things that left me thinking really hard leaving me with a headache when I woke up. Then the boy on my team decided to go to his grandma’s house for some reason. There was snow on the ground, and the entire house was lit with Christmas lights. He warned me that if we walked by these stairs, it would wake his grandma and for some reason we couldn’t. I accidentally woke his grandmother so we had to hide for some reason.

That was a nightmare almost! Why, the first night, must I have had a nightmare? Then the dream changed.

I was practicing volleyball in this plastic-fenced area. How, I don’t know because it was crowded with 10 other people, and it was probably less than 10 feet wide and 5 feet long. There was this lady practicing tennis and then I somehow teleported to a basketball hoop. She served this huge tennis ball to me. Then I was back in the cage thing practicing volleyball.

Dreams Thursday to Friday:

All I remember is that my sister was making a chocolate cake with the frosting in the shape of a cat, and she was trying to fit this rainbow lollipop over the cake but it wouldn’t fit so she just jammed it right over the face of the cat-cake.

Dreams Friday to Saturday

I had to live with this family and they were really snobby and the two girls got to have a loft with amazing wallpaper and my room was like a trophy ledge on the wall. 😴🛏

Any thoughts? Have you ever ran around with a maniac chicken on your head? Do you remember your dream(s) last night?

Have a lovely (rest of) day!

Christina 😛

13 thoughts on “Chicken Update + Dreams in the past 3 nights

  1. Dreams…I read in a fiction book that dreams contain people that you know or met before in life. I started to believe it until Friday’s dream. Maybe the girls were people you have seen somewhere? Anyway, about Cukoo. A guy on Periscope that has chickens told viewers that they all have different personalities.

    His birds seem to have an attitude when time to go back to the rouse. Maybe Cukoo was jealous of Nugget sleeping on your lap. She didn’t forget the next day and wanted you to remember too.

    How about a name like Fraggle, Runner or Chiclet for the last bird.

    Have a good day.

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  2. The image of you running around with a chicken attached to your head is just too funny!! I love reading about your dreams. I’m sure I dreamed this weekend, but I sure don’t remember them. I was too exhausted! Have a blessed day!

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  3. My goodness, how in tarnation do you remember your dreams? I never can. Yay eggs! I love how they get larger, it’s so fun to watch. We’ve about 100 chickens or so, and get a lot of eggs. XD

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  4. Hi Christina, I found you on Michelle’s blog. Gosh, my mom would love those eggs. I like all the Friday dream you had. I am impressed that you remember all those dreams. Hey, if you are on FB, Please come join our group Michelle is already in the group. The link is on my blog’s about page. Your new follower. Stay blessed and stay connected. Would be back to read more of your blog.

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