29 Blog Post Ideas + My desk

Hi there! Happy Hump Day. This morning I went to the dentist and OH! Guess what! I didn’t have ANY cavities! That is rare for me. After my dentist appointment, I ate a doughnut in the car. I went to guitar lessons a couple of hours ago. I decided to write my post(s) now before I get lost in my evening-to-nighttime activity. (Volleyball, TV, mug cookie, dinner, reading, putting chickens in coop…)

29 Blog Post Ideas for those who need a reminder that you can post about basically anything.

  1. Crafts. Origami, seasonal crafts, any craft is amazing to share to people.
  2. Recipes. Have a wonderful recipe you’d like to share?
  3. Reviews. Write a personal review on books or movies.
  4. Photography. Go outside and take an outdoor photo shoot. Take pics of pets, antiques, anything.
  5. Personal event. Write about something big that’s happened in your life that really meant something to you.
  6. Uplifting quotes. Promote good doing and life with inspirational quotes and blog-speeches.
  7. Be a writer. Write a poem or a story and post it.
  8. Fun experiences. Go to an amusement park or vacation and write about it, including photos.
  9. Your entire life. Make a new series in your blog about how you got where you are now. Don’t put it in one post or people won’t read it because it’s too long. Write about your life story. Ups and downs, successes and failures, all that juicy stuff.
  10. Shopping. Write a post about your trip shopping. Include a complete list of what you bought.
  11. Embarrassments. Everybody likes a good laugh. Post about a time you embarrassed yourself in front of a crowd or lots of people. (Example: Dancing badly at a wedding.)
  12. Re-blog. Share one of your first, favorite, or most successful posts again. Your new viewers will love looking back.
  13. Best lessons learned. Share to your followers what lessons you’ve learned in your lifetime that you wish you’d known before.
  14. Tips & tricks.
  15. Ask for feedback from your blog followers. What’s your favorite TV show? Book? Color?
  16. Publish your artwork. Whether you’re an artist or a scribbler, fans would love to see your artwork, recent or old. It doesn’t matter if it’s a finger painting as a child that would be a good memory, or an amazing portrait leaving lots of awe, people love that either way.
  17. Let a follower write a post for you.
  18. Offer advice for tough situations. If you’ve been in a power outage or a bad car accident, people would love advice to keep in the back of their head.
  19. Top 10 post.
  20. List of favorite books or movies. It should be a long list.
  21. Past memories. It could be memories from childhood to last week. You can write about a silly memory or a sad one or happy… any!
  22. Write about things that you hate that other people like or vice versa. For example, everybody loves the Hobbit and Harry Potter book, but I don’t particularly like either of those series. Seriously, I don’t know why Harry Potter is so popular.
  23. Where would you move if you had to leave?
  24. Start a contest. It can be about anything, but make sure you have lots of participants.
  25. Learn something new and write about it. You can learn to knit or crochet, learn code, anything, and post it.
  26. Post your favorite music. What’s your favorite song? Artist(s)? Do you play an instrument?
  27. Read a book and write a currently-reading review. Read a new book and write your review as you are reading. They desperately tried to escape, but had no success. You might say, I don’t care if Ann doesn’t escape! I just NEED Felipe to get out. He can’t die!
     You can do that throughout the book, then write final words at the end of the review.
  28. Share your dreams and goals. Want to be a pilot? Have you BECOME a pilot?
  29. Interview family members. Your cousin might have an interesting life. Give it a try.

That’s the end of my “29 Blog Post Ideas.” I truly couldn’t think of any more because I’m under pressure. I bet that I’ll have a bunch more once I publish this post.

I decided to take a picture of my desk how it is. It hasn’t been cleaned in about a week so it got really messy. The picture is how my desk really is, I didn’t change anything except my computer to take the picture.

Yup. Really messy.

I am going to journal all of my dreams I have for the next few weeks and then post about them. I’m excited.

Have a wonderful evening!

Christina 😛

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