Two Books That Remind Me of Today

Hello, hello! Sorry I didn't post for the last couple post days. I kinda was out and forgot... so I disbanded my posting days! *Hello, random posting days!* Today I will be posting about books that remind me of today. Now, I read lots of dystopia and I am definitely not saying that society today … Continue reading Two Books That Remind Me of Today

Please pray for us…

Hi there. I'd like you to pray for my sister and for the rest of my family. We're going through hard times so I would like you to pray for us and wish my sister the best. I hope all is well with you. -Christina

Chicken Update + Dreams in the past 3 nights

Hello hello! Guess what? At the place where I guitar lessons they fit me into the band program! It already started a few weeks back, but my teacher thinks that I can catch up. Want to know something sad? I lost my tuner. It's like 15 bucks or something. And it's red. You don't often … Continue reading Chicken Update + Dreams in the past 3 nights

Join The Challenge: Comment-A-Thon 2018!

Hey guys, just wanted to spread the word on the 2018 Comment-A-Thon! I know this isn’t my posting day, but this seems really exciting!

Clara & Co.


Good morning, friends! I hope you’re all having a lovely October so far. I’m super excited for today’s blog post, but before I start, I have a few blogging updates to share. 🙂

First, you may have noticed that my blog looks different – what do you think of the new design? You can tap the “home” button on my sidebar to see the whole thing. I’d love to hear any thoughts/feedback that you guys have! 😀

Second, I started an Instagram account for my photography! I’ll be sharing some photos that you may have seen on my blog before, but I’ll also be sharing a lot of new photography. If you want to follow me, my username is @claraandcophoto.

Alright, now let’s get on to the Comment-A-Thon! This is the fourth year that I’ve hosted this challenge, and it’s always so much fun! Read below to learn more…

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