What I am currently studying

Hello, happy Saturday! I am glad to announce that today is my last random-posting day. I will now be posting once a week, every Friday. Happy Saturday!

So, this post is about what I am currently studying in homeschool. I really love Easy Peasy (my guide/curriculum) and this year is going SO good.

This year since I’m in 6th, I start foreign language. We have to learn a little bit of Latin first to get familiar with other languages.

Sorry, I used my computer camera, which I admit is pretty good. It’s better than my phone camera. So, I have to write down the words in the video and then the next day just GUESS what they mean in English. Then I look up the English meanings and translate it to French and Spanish to see similarities between Latin and the other languages. And I am PRETTY sure that caelum means sky. Oookay, Google Translate says COELUM means Heaven but Google Translate messes up a lot.

Now to the next subject: Math. I absolutely hate math. My mom doesn’t like me using the online curriculum a lot, so she bought a book for just about every subject. I am also pretty low in math, I still have trouble on division and fractions. I understand what they are, I just can’t add fractions or whatever.WIN_20180915_11_37_16_Pro

Now to SCIENCE! I love science and history, by the way. Biology was the BEST! I am planning to do it again next year. I also like zoology but not as much as biology.

This year, though (oh if you haven’t noticed I use the word “though” way too much), I am doing Physics/Chemistry. It’s pretty interesting but challenging so far! Monday I will be doing a science project with grapes. I am actually EXCITED!

I love that Easy Peasy has printable-books!

Now to history. This year I am doing modern history, and I’m not usually one to read non-fiction, but when I was reading about Thomas Edison yesterday, I got pretty interested in his life story.

This year we are doing timelines and for science we are doing a periodic table lapbook. It’s all quite interesting.WIN_20180915_11_47_03_Pro

Now for reading! We are reading poems—currently Robert Frost poems—and learning new words! The other years, the words seemed much harder, but this year it’s right at my level! I love learning new useful words. My favorite that I like to use is interposed.

That’s mostly it! I also go to outdoor classes, volleyball class, local ninja gym class and very fun guitar lessons.

2 thoughts on “What I am currently studying

  1. It sounds like you are really enjoying your classes! Your outdoor classes sound fun! Our local natural history museum is having science classes this year so we will try to go to those. I hope they’re interesting! Have a great weekend!

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