Divergent book review + Updates

Hello, happy Friday! TGIF, right?!! Especially this week. This is the first week of school for me, and the first day sucked :/ but it’s only gotten better! I’ve been really busy, though. I changed guitar/music school (now I’m going to a better one, I have a chance to be in a band!) and I start volleyball next week while last week I started my homeschool class at my local ninja gym. I believe in 1 or 2 weeks I will also be going to an outdoor class, which I do annually, as I do with volleyball and the ninja gym. I’m actually grateful that I’m not doing swimming this year because if I had another extra-curricular activity to do I would be a mess.

I am really sorry that I haven’t written a blog post in a few weeks. I —as I said— have been really busy. (OH BTW! I just figured out how to use the em dash on WordPress! I’ve been trying to figure it out…)

Here is my book review for Divergent. I’ve read Insurgent too but I haven’t watched the movie for Insurgent yet.


I think that Beatrice made the right choice to transfer to Dauntless because I don’t really like Abnegation and I think that I would be Dauntless. The weird thing is that I also like Amity. Brave and Peaceful.

Four was my favorite character from the start, but after Tris became comfortable with him and he became Tobias (after Tris called him Tobias) I had no favorite character.

The beginning of the book was the best start of a book I’ve ever read. It started with Beatrice getting her hair cut, with a mirror which the Abnegation didn’t use. I found that really interesting.

I didn’t really like the whole simulation thing, but I liked that everybody was in a simulation before the attack on Abnegation. There was no way to stop them, you’re just in the middle of basically robots preparing to attack innocent people.

If you haven’t read Divergent yet, you really should. I’ll give it 4.7 stars.

Thanks for reading!

-Christina 😛

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