Liebster Award

Hello, hello! Happy Sunday. So sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was ziplining at the largest man-made climbing park in the world with my friend. Last week was kinda rough, too. I caught a yearly mild cold (never had a bad one) but still feel great. My sprained wrists are better. Volleyball was boring a few days ago because we played Newcomb the whole time except for the fun part of serving and spiking.

So let’s get to it! I’ve been nominated the Liebster Award by Kinsey from Over The Withers. Thanks Kinsey!

What I have to do is answer 11 questions that the person that nominated me gave me (which in my case is Kinsey), ask 11 of my own, and tag 11 people to answer my questions. Here goes nothin’!

  1. If you could transform at will into any mythical animal, what would you choose?

I was going to say Pegasus, but that’s just lame. Who would want to be a horse with wings? Maybe a Phoenix. (bird)

2. If you could have any mode of transportation (real or imaginary) what would it be?

I would surely have a personal cable car! Beautiful views! 🤤😍

3. What characteristic would you like to see in a friend or spouse and why?

Uh… maybe a friend that is trustworthy enough so they are like another part of me, like my friend Charlie.

4. Describe yourself in 4 songs.

Imagine Dragons — Whatever it Takes

Imagine Dragons — Believer

Twenty One Pilots — The Judge

Imagine Dragons — Natural

5. Pick a Yankee Candle scent that describes you.

Man Town:

No jk that doesn’t describe me at all. I’m not a man! I just thought that was a funny scent… Yankee Candle has a scent for everything.

I think that Harvest Welcome describes me. I LOVE FALL and when I was younger, we gave that candle to my mom for her birthday.

6. What is one of your fears? (doesn’t have to be your greatest fear, I’m just curious.)

Spiders. In my family, we each have our own showers, and mine is in the basement. Sometimes I’m enjoying scrubbing myself and listening to Imagine Dragons, and some huge hairy spider crawls at my feet and I scream.

7. Mountain vacation or ocean vacation and why?

Mountain vacation. I love crisp cool weather. It gives me Halloween creeps and Christmas spirit, my two favorite holidays. In the mountains, I would feel powerful. Summer at the beach is fun, but it just doesn’t give me that exciting feeling.

8. One thing you want for Christmas this year?

That’s hard. I don’t want much until I actually get it and discover I want it. Maybe… a copy of The Giver (book).

9. Favorite TV show and why?

Nowadays there’s nothing good except news, old Spongebob, and The Weather Channel. I used to watch Full House all the time. I think Full House my favorite (oh and by the way, Fuller House absolutely SUCKS.) because it’s funny and not trashy like a lot of new shows are.

10. What is your favorite unique word and what does it mean?

Whippersnapper, which by the way, is NOT in my vocabulary. I am not old. If you say “Whippersnapper” in an accent it feels funny. It means “a young and inexperienced person considered to be presumptuous or overconfident.”

11. What do you like to wear when it’s cold outside?

Oh, I love the cold! Maybe a sweater and leggings (Loving leggings right now.) and boots. *oh man that mental picture looks so trendy in a bad way*

My questions:

  1. Would you rather eat bacon and eggs for the rest of your life or lettuce, chicken wings and Cheerios for the rest of your life?
  2. If your life was music, what genre would it be?
  3. Go-to outfit?
  4. Carnivore or herbivore and why?
  5. What is your favorite animal excluding cats and dogs and why?
  6. Favorite song?
  7. If you were a book character, what character would you be?
  8. What is your favorite holiday and why? (Only choose 1.)
  9. Crayons, pencils, or markers?
  10. Least favorite movie and why?
  11. What is your most prized possession?

My nominees: (oh, by the way! I had a really hard time finding people to nominate!)

Charlie, Lil’ Miss Country

Emily, The Beaming Blonde


Christina, Christina and Camera

Lydia, Butterflies

Lizzy, Learning to Live: Struggling to Thrive

Michelle, Blessings By Me

Ariana, Ariana’s Flying Life

Anna, A Storynerd’s Life

I know that I have to do 2 more, but there’s not enough people who know about my blog or that will probably do the post. I bet that half the people I nominated don’t even read my blog, anyway! Sorry!



5 Good Book Series

Hello hello! Today I am got a comfy new couch. Ha.

Here is some good book series for people with my reading interests.

  1. Percy Jackson. What I like about the Percy Jackson books is that there is different series with the same characters. Like the first, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and I am now reading The Heroes of Olympus. Rick Riordan is still making new series with different characters. *Fun fact. I looked it up, and in 2015, Rick Riordan published almost 80 books.*
  2. Maze Runner. Yes. You HAVE to read this. I haven’t read very emotional books, but the third book almost made me cry. It is about these teenage boys trapped in a maze blocked in by a wall and they try to escape without dying (which, spoilers, does not go as planned.). There are movies to this that are nothing like the books.
  3. Divergent. There is also movies to this series. Sadly I have only read Divergent and Insurgent, not the other 2 yet. It is about a future where everybody is in a group, and they must follow all the rules in their faction. There are lots more, but I don’t want to give away too much!
  4. Michael Vey. I read this when I was younger, and this started my love for YA reading. It’s kind of unrealistic, and the author uses only “said” when describing when a character is saying something, and as an aspiring writer, that is very uncooth. It’s about 17 teens with electric powers.
  5. Finally for the last series, The Hunger Games. I am currently reading Mockingjay, the 2nd book in that series. The Hunger Games is about kids selected for games to be on TV, and they have to kill each other and be the last survivor and win.

I really suggest reading these if you are into YA books. Have you read any of these? Do you want to? Comment away!

Have a nice evening, though it’s storming heavily where I live!

Christina 😛

Crazy Week + Chicken Photography

I am going to change my posting days to Saturday and Wednesday instead of Friday.

I have had the craziest week. To start it off, Sunday I took a shower and after my shower, I was wearing my robe on my way to put my clothes on in my room, and I—as usual— hung from the pull-up bar in my basement.

I have been trying to do pull ups since the beginning of summer, starting by just hanging. I have gotten a lot stronger, so now I am trying to do pull ups. I usually stand on a balance ball and use it as a chair so I can do certain things on the bar… well, I was standing on the ball, and I was tying my robe on better. With my hands free from the bar, I just balance on the ball. But I was having a bad day, and I accidentally fell from the ball, and I hit the ground hard.

In my basement, in the workout area where my brother works out, we have a punching bag, elliptical, Bowflex, and a bunch of other things like speed ladders and dumbbells. Our floor in the basement is concrete, so we have a squishy mat in the workout area as a floor, a little less than 1 inch.

It works really well, because I don’t think I broke any bones. If those mats weren’t there, I probably would have broken ribs, but I guess if the mats weren’t there, I wouldn’t be standing on a balance ball.

I did end up spraining both wrists, though. And bruising my tailbone.

Later that same day, I was making caramel for my apples. I thought it would make a nice little snack. I put the ingredients in the microwave and afterwards stuck my finger in the caramel. That was a BAD choice. It was so sticky and it burnt my finger. I kept trying to lick it off, but then it burnt my tongue! For the rest of the night I had ice on my finger, and I even had to sleep with an ice pack!

Two days later, I had to go to a class at my local ninja gym. With 2 sprained wrists and a bruised tailbone. That just made it worse.

When I got home, I was all pumped up and I hung from the pull up bar in the basement. My brother just happened to be working out, and he helped me do pull ups. He also wanted me to use the punching bag, so I did. I left with extremely sore rhomboids (oh, biology, what would I do without you?) and they still hurt today, not much better.

Two nights ago was my first volleyball class. It went pretty well, but my back muscles still hurt and my wrists still hurt, so it was kind of painful to do an overhand serve.

My chickieeeees!! A few days ago, my dad put up a fence for my chickens so they can eat grass and chase butterflies. The fence is attached to their run, and every morning I open the run door so they can go OUTSIDE outside. Every evening I close the door. They seem to have a fun time outside, and they haven’t gotten out yet! Actually… okay, one time I sprayed them with the hose and Flash (my friend named that one after The Flash superhero or whatever.) flew out. She’s quite flighty! *UPDATE* I wrote that like 2 hours ago, when none of them had gotten out yet. But I just went out for Chicken Photography. 2 chickens decided it would be fun to crawl under the fence. So… it is therefore untrue that they “haven’t gotten out yet!”

Here is some recent pictures of the chickens that were taken yesterday.

chicky feather
This is one of my favorites 🐓 The feathers are beautiful.
This is Cashew, Charlie named her. It was SO hard to take pictures of Cashew. She’s very feisty.
This is my FAVORITE picture. All of the chickens took dirt baths before I came out, so Nugget here was all dusty.
I think that this is Nugget. She’s our smallest chicken, and she’s my favorite chicken.
This is Nugget.
chickyn flappin
This is Chickyn flapping her wings. It’s a bit blurry.
Edited Chickies
This was one of my favorites, but I edited the background because it showed my house… sorry, just have to be careful!
I LOVE THIS PICTURE SO MUCH! I don’t know what happened to her beak, though.
Nugget likes to perch in the doorway from outside to the run.
I told Ethel to act natural.
But she just made a weird pose.
Finally for the last picture… Chickyn!

Hope you liked my photography-ish!

What was your favorite picture? Do you have chickens? Feel free to comment!

Also, happy fall equinox!

Have a lovely weekend!

-Christina 😜🐓🐣



What I am currently studying

Hello, happy Saturday! I am glad to announce that today is my last random-posting day. I will now be posting once a week, every Friday. Happy Saturday!

So, this post is about what I am currently studying in homeschool. I really love Easy Peasy (my guide/curriculum) and this year is going SO good.

This year since I’m in 6th, I start foreign language. We have to learn a little bit of Latin first to get familiar with other languages.

Sorry, I used my computer camera, which I admit is pretty good. It’s better than my phone camera. So, I have to write down the words in the video and then the next day just GUESS what they mean in English. Then I look up the English meanings and translate it to French and Spanish to see similarities between Latin and the other languages. And I am PRETTY sure that caelum means sky. Oookay, Google Translate says COELUM means Heaven but Google Translate messes up a lot.

Now to the next subject: Math. I absolutely hate math. My mom doesn’t like me using the online curriculum a lot, so she bought a book for just about every subject. I am also pretty low in math, I still have trouble on division and fractions. I understand what they are, I just can’t add fractions or whatever.WIN_20180915_11_37_16_Pro

Now to SCIENCE! I love science and history, by the way. Biology was the BEST! I am planning to do it again next year. I also like zoology but not as much as biology.

This year, though (oh if you haven’t noticed I use the word “though” way too much), I am doing Physics/Chemistry. It’s pretty interesting but challenging so far! Monday I will be doing a science project with grapes. I am actually EXCITED!

I love that Easy Peasy has printable-books!

Now to history. This year I am doing modern history, and I’m not usually one to read non-fiction, but when I was reading about Thomas Edison yesterday, I got pretty interested in his life story.

This year we are doing timelines and for science we are doing a periodic table lapbook. It’s all quite interesting.WIN_20180915_11_47_03_Pro

Now for reading! We are reading poems—currently Robert Frost poems—and learning new words! The other years, the words seemed much harder, but this year it’s right at my level! I love learning new useful words. My favorite that I like to use is interposed.

That’s mostly it! I also go to outdoor classes, volleyball class, local ninja gym class and very fun guitar lessons.

Divergent book review + Updates

Hello, happy Friday! TGIF, right?!! Especially this week. This is the first week of school for me, and the first day sucked :/ but it’s only gotten better! I’ve been really busy, though. I changed guitar/music school (now I’m going to a better one, I have a chance to be in a band!) and I start volleyball next week while last week I started my homeschool class at my local ninja gym. I believe in 1 or 2 weeks I will also be going to an outdoor class, which I do annually, as I do with volleyball and the ninja gym. I’m actually grateful that I’m not doing swimming this year because if I had another extra-curricular activity to do I would be a mess.

I am really sorry that I haven’t written a blog post in a few weeks. I —as I said— have been really busy. (OH BTW! I just figured out how to use the em dash on WordPress! I’ve been trying to figure it out…)

Here is my book review for Divergent. I’ve read Insurgent too but I haven’t watched the movie for Insurgent yet.


I think that Beatrice made the right choice to transfer to Dauntless because I don’t really like Abnegation and I think that I would be Dauntless. The weird thing is that I also like Amity. Brave and Peaceful.

Four was my favorite character from the start, but after Tris became comfortable with him and he became Tobias (after Tris called him Tobias) I had no favorite character.

The beginning of the book was the best start of a book I’ve ever read. It started with Beatrice getting her hair cut, with a mirror which the Abnegation didn’t use. I found that really interesting.

I didn’t really like the whole simulation thing, but I liked that everybody was in a simulation before the attack on Abnegation. There was no way to stop them, you’re just in the middle of basically robots preparing to attack innocent people.

If you haven’t read Divergent yet, you really should. I’ll give it 4.7 stars.

Thanks for reading!

-Christina 😛