Liebster Award

Hello, hello! Happy Sunday. So sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was ziplining at the largest man-made climbing park in the world with my friend. Last week was kinda rough, too. I caught a yearly mild cold (never had a bad one) but still feel great. My sprained wrists are better. Volleyball was boring a … Continue reading Liebster Award

5 Good Book Series

Hello hello! Today I am got a comfy new couch. Ha. Here is some good book series for people with my reading interests. Percy Jackson. What I like about the Percy Jackson books is that there is different series with the same characters. Like the first, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and I am now … Continue reading 5 Good Book Series

Crazy Week + Chicken Photography

I am going to change my posting days to Saturday and Wednesday instead of Friday. I have had the craziest week. To start it off, Sunday I took a shower and after my shower, I was wearing my robe on my way to put my clothes on in my room, and Iβ€”as usualβ€” hung from … Continue reading Crazy Week + Chicken Photography

What I am currently studying

Hello, happy Saturday! I am glad to announce that today is my last random-posting day. I will now be posting once a week, every Friday. Happy Saturday! So, this post is about what I am currently studying in homeschool. I really love Easy Peasy (my guide/curriculum) and this year is going SO good. This year … Continue reading What I am currently studying

Divergent book review + Updates

Hello, happy Friday! TGIF, right?!! Especially this week. This is the first week of school for me, and the first day sucked :/ but it's only gotten better! I've been really busy, though. I changed guitar/music school (now I'm going to a better one, I have a chance to be in a band!) and I … Continue reading Divergent book review + Updates