Rest in Peace, Humphrey

HERE LIES HUMPHREY (actually, as of right now, I don’t know where he lies)

Some time in early to mid 2016 – August 15th 2018

“He was a good little hamster,” says Christina, owner. “He died peacefully in his sleep. Hopefully he wasn’t suffering for too long.”

August 15th, my dad walked by Humphrey’s cage, and went to see if he was breathing (as usual. He was dying for a month or two.) and he wasn’t. We weren’t sure if he WAS passed yet, so my dad touched him. “He’s gone. He was cold.” Christina’s father announced, jokingly.

I’m not that upset, because I accepted that he was going to die a couple months ago when he started dying. He had a tumor of some sort, and he was getting so big that he couldn’t fit through the tubes.

I’ve learned a lot from him. Do you think I should get another hamster? Your opinion probably won’t decide on it, but it will help.

4 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Humphrey

  1. Aww, so cute. I think you should get another hamster if you really really liked your hamster, but maybe you could try a rabbit if you didn’t. It might be a nice alternitive (I’ve never had a hamster or rabbit so I wouldn’t really know lol.

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