I APOLOGIZE ABOUT NOT POSTING THIS. I really haven’t been motivated to write it. The concert was more than 1 month ago.

Imagine Dragons is my favorite band. I’m not usually one for pop/alternative, but ID is GREAT. The concert was, in my opinion, one of their best performances. That NEVER happens.

We left at 2:30 and the concert started at 7:00, or should I say, Grace VanderWaal started at 7:00.IMG-1071

Just our luck that the concert was during a heat wave, when we were waiting in line for the doors to open, standing on black top pavement in 102+ degree temperature (which I assure you, is NOT normal for where I live), I almost fainted. We had to wait in line for 30 minutes and we couldn’t drink any water because they won’t allow water opened before they let us in. So I stood behind my mom and grandma and other people’s shadows so I wouldn’t faint. I dealt with it, but I was very close to passing out. So was a person my age in line behind me. They checked my purse and I didn’t have anything dangerous in it :0

I sat down next to a tree and drank like half a water bottle. I sweat(ed (is sweated a word? (well the spell check didn’t underline is so I guess it is (OOOH QUADRUPLE PARENTHESES!)))) Then a go-cart came to take me as far as it could go to the pavilion and I sat down and drank more water and walked to my assigned seating. We were in the 4th row of my section!

Those are balloons that they released during On Top of the World. They were right above us!
They played Radioactive first. The full set list is below. (FAR below because I have a lot of pictures.)
This is one of my favorites. Dan’s pose ™
YEEEEEEE! The confetti stuck to Dan cause he was sweating.
This was Next to Me. Remember how before the concert I said that I didn’t really like Next to Me? Well that changed 😛 Next to Me is one of my several favorites.
Rise, rise up. Rise Up is ONE of my ~~~Several Favorites~~~
This picture of Dan is…sad 😦 he looks concerned.
GOLD. Gold is one of my Several Favorites, too. I like the lyrics 😀

I Don’t Know Why was next but I only have video, no pics, no business plan. I Don’t Know Why is one of my Several Favorites, and I Don’t Know what (ha see what I did there) my favorite part of that song live was. Either the first “DAAAAAAAAAANGEROOOOOUS” or the jamming part before “tell me that you love me, tell me that you love me, tell me that you love me, etc…” or “I DON’T KNOW WHYYYYYYYY”.

I would give you links to the concert I went to on YouTube, but it might reveal near where I live and I HAVE to be safe…

We’re getting close to my favorite part of the concert. This is when they moved to the middle of the stage. I don’t know what they’re playing here though. Probably that Police song they covered (Set list below)

Next is my FAAAAAVORITE PART! My very, very, very extremely very favorite-est (ah, my wonderful grammar) part. WHEN I WAS 4 ROWS FROM DAN REYNOLDS! I have a video of it but as I said, no business plan for wordpress, so I don’t have a picture of HIM. But I have a screenshot of a paused video of him, and a picture of some spotlights. So… drumroll…

*Duh duh duh dudududududududuh duh-dum-dun-dududududududududududeeduh*

Actually, I don’t think you care that much if you aren’t me, so yay for me! HEEEERE is the picture of DAN REYNOLDS!

That’s him! He’s singing… let me see… He just finished saying “Oh, I bet my life, I bet my life, I bet my life for you.” …wait! I was so caught up in that picture that as you can see, I edit, that I forgot to tell you that they were playing “I Bet My Life.” In that picture, he was in the middle of saying “don’t” in the sentence “Now don’t tell me that I’m wrong.”

I have more pictures:

It’s a little hard to tell, but that shirtless dude is Dan. The one in the light.
This picture is before Dan went in front of me. It’s before the 2 pictures above. He’s not in this, but you can see the lights where he was getting ready to walk.

They went back to the stage, and I have a video of Demons but no pictures. *Wow, that sounds weird…* He spoke his legendary (yeah, right) speech about depression and how it’s hurting the youth, and blah blah blah blah blah (you can’t expect me to remember ALL of it!) and then they continued playing Demons. Then they played THUNDER! YAAAH! That one is SO GOOD. Ah, of course I have pictures of Thunder.

I love this one in Thunder.


Happy last picture! OH WAIT I FORGOT! I HAVE A PICTURE ON MY PHONE (after Mom’s phone died)

I don’t know if you can see that very well, but it’s the balloons from On Top of the World. Happy last picture!

I had an AMAZING time, never ever ever ever better.

Setlist at my concert:


It’s Time

Whatever it Takes


Walking the Wire

Next to Me

Every Breath You Take (The Police cover.)


I’ll Make It Up to You (with guitar and drum solos *also my favorite song)

Start Over (with bass solo)

Rise Up


I Don’t Know Why (with drum solo intro)

Mouth of the River

*Acoustic set from B-Stage in the box seat area in the middle of pavilion

Born to Be Yours (Kygo and Imagine Dragons cover)


I Bet My Life (when I saw Dan Reynolds from like 6 feet away)


Demons (between first and second verses, Dan Reynolds issued a public awareness statement about depression and anxiety)


On Top of the World (they released balloons towards the end, and then I left basically at the end of the song.)

Believer (which I heard as I was walking to the car.)

I had a REALLY good time, and I am now an official Imagine Dragons fan. I, at least one more time, am going to another concert.

Christina 😀 😛




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