Rest in Peace, Humphrey

HERE LIES HUMPHREY (actually, as of right now, I don't know where he lies) Some time in early to mid 2016 - August 15th 2018 "He was a good little hamster," says¬†Christina, owner.¬†"He died peacefully in his sleep. Hopefully he wasn't suffering for too long." August 15th, my dad walked by Humphrey's cage, and went … Continue reading Rest in Peace, Humphrey

8 Unique Phobias

Phobophobia, the fear of PHOBIAS! Pogonophobia, a fear of beards. They freak out about bearded men. That's, like, REALLY sad XD Somniphobia, a fear of falling asleep. That sounds deadly. Nomophobia, a fear of being without mobile phone coverage. Ombrophobia, the fear of rain. Amathophobia, a fear of dust... that takes away a lot of … Continue reading 8 Unique Phobias