How to Draw a Thunderstorm

Ah, yes. You probably think, hey! This blog is supposed to be about ART and I haven’t seen any so far! Well, it’s true! I haven’t posted any art yet! So, yesterday I was late for volleyball (18 minutes, actually) because of a vicious thunderstorm. It was very windy, and the trashcans blew really far. Our flagpole was ripped off of the thing that was holding it. TO CONCLUSION, there was a very bad thunderstorm so I am doing a Thunderstorm-Special on Creative Critique.

I’m just going to draw it freestyle, so it’s nothing really great.

STEP ONE: Turn your paper to landscape (well, that’s what it is!) Draw little lines slanted to one side. You can draw hills and such, flowers, trees and even debris (I’m not drawing debris.) Whatever you want to make yours different.

I added a small mountain on the left. Near the right edge next to the tree and leaves, those little lines are wind. I’ll add more later.

Step two: Draw a line across the top lightly so you can erase it later. Fill the sky with puffy clouds, starting from the line. Do it all the way up to the top of the paper, then erase the top randomly, so it doesn’t disappear, but it’s faded.WIN_20180728_20_09_27_Pro

Step three: LIGHTNING! Add random lightning strikes, and if you have something that stands out (like mine, a tree.) then the lightning might strike it.

Do you like my stupid lone cloud with lightning striking the ground near the tree?

Step four: Add rain. This part can be a bit boring, adding dashes across the paper, but it’s worth it!WIN_20180728_20_30_55_Pro

Finally, add wind and any final touches! You can color it, but I won’t color mine.

I have to admit, I don’t like mine. I know that I can do better 😛

THAT’S IT!!! There you go… hope you liked it!

Christina 😛

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