YESTERDAY/TODAY IMAGINE DRAGONS RELEASED A NEW SINGLE!!!!!!!!!! It’s called “Natural” and you can listen to it here!

I liked Natural the first time I heard it. I’m really excited for a new album eventually. *Christina, don’t get too ahead of yourself. You went to an Imagine Dragons concert 2 weeks ago exactly.* I WILL PAY FOR MY OWN TICKETS EVEN THOUGH I OWN LESS THAN 200 DOLLARS! YES! *welp. now less than 100 from buying Twenty One Pilots and Imagine Dragons merch…*

ALSOOOOOOOO, if you haven’t heard, TØP (Twenty Øne Piløts) released 2 songs (Jumpsuit/Nico and the Niners) from their new album “Trench” to be released October 5th and you can hear these songs here.

(GUESS WHAT? I’M LISTENING TO JUMPSUIT NOW! ALSO, I like Nico and the Niners better than Jumpsuit. Actually, UPDATE! I’m listening to Car Radio now. The song changed. “And now I just SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!”)


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