Lefty’s Guide to Writing

You probably don’t know that I’m left-handed. That means I get ink all over my hands and these are just some tips on avoiding inky hands when you write.

  • Lift your hand up. Don’t let it drag on the paper.
  • Don’t add pressure when letting it drag.
  • Move your hand under the writing.

There’s three tips. I guess since that’s not that much… I’ll give you a fact:

Did you know that if you’re right handed, you use the left side of your brain, and when you’re left handed, you use the right side of your brain. You probably knew that, but if you didn’t, there you go!

Ciao for now!

~Christina 😛

*UPDATE! I just read that “Lefties make better artists!” Huh…*

2 thoughts on “Lefty’s Guide to Writing

    1. I just read this:
      Ambidexterity indicates that the left and right sides of that person’s brain are pretty much symmetrical (which is true for lefties, too!) On the other hand, right-handed people tend to be left-brain dominant.


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