I JUST WENT TO CHECK ON THE CHICKENS AND THERE WAS 2 TINY BROWN EGGS! They were robin egg-sized! I have 12 chickens so I have no idea which ones laid, but I know we'll be getting more. Christina ๐Ÿ˜›

How to Draw a Thunderstorm

Ah, yes. You probably think,ย hey! This blog is supposed to be about ART and I haven't seen any so far!ย Well, it's true! I haven't posted any art yet! So, yesterday I was late for volleyball (18 minutes, actually) because of a vicious thunderstorm. It was very windy, and the trashcans blew really far. Our flagpole … Continue reading How to Draw a Thunderstorm


YESTERDAY/TODAY IMAGINE DRAGONS RELEASED A NEW SINGLE!!!!!!!!!! It's called "Natural" and you can listen to it here! I liked Natural the first time I heard it. I'm really excited for a new album eventually. *Christina, don't get too ahead of yourself. You went to an Imagine Dragons concert 2 weeks ago exactly.* I WILL PAY … Continue reading NEW MUSIC!

Lefty’s Guide to Writing

You probably don't know that I'm left-handed. That means I get ink all over my hands and these are just some tips on avoiding inky hands when you write. Lift your hand up. Don't let it drag on the paper. Don't add pressure when letting it drag. Move your hand under the writing. There's three … Continue reading Lefty’s Guide to Writing

Happy Independence Day, USA!

Hello fellow bloggers! Happy Independence Day! I hope you are having a great Fourth of July. I think that we should sayย Independence Dayย more thanย ย Fourth of Julyย because Fourth of July can be any day, not much different from the second of May. I'm not saying I'm right, it's just my opinion. Fourth of July is alsoย veryย overused. … Continue reading Happy Independence Day, USA!

IMAGINE DRAGONS (post 2 or 3)

TONIGH I'M GONNA SEE IMAGINE DRAGONS!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED THAT I FORGOT TO WRITE THE "T" IN TONIGHT! (Location: sentence one) I CANNN'T WAIT TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT! Guess what: Yaaaaaay! My favorite ID song at the moment: Bleeding Out My favoriteย ID song from Evolve: Hmm... I Don't Know Why is my fave. It's … Continue reading IMAGINE DRAGONS (post 2 or 3)