My chicken routine

Whenever I go out to the chicken coop, I have to do certain things. I prepare some sort of treat for them to distract them from attacking me when I get their feed. I have to go IN the coop to get their feed, and they are CRAZY CHICKENS. I put my chicken hat on. … Continue reading My chicken routine


Remember (or not) my old post a few weeks ago when my chicken ate my earrings? At the end of the post, I wrote, Then, today I went out to look for my diamond earring and another hen (or the same one) jumped and ate the diamond starter earring on the OTHER SIDE. You might not … Continue reading MY CHICKEN ATE MY EARRINGS! Part 2

Introducing The Summer Bored Games

Check out what Clara and her friends are hosting!

Clara & Co.

GUYS, I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR TODAY’S POST. I think you’re really going to love it! Over the past few months, my friends Megan, K.A., Allison, and I have been working on something extremely amazing for you guys. It’s creative, challenging, and super, super, fun – and what’s more, it’s the perfect cure to all those long summer afternoons when you’re suffering from boredom and wishing for something awesome to do!

Now that you’re hopefully as excited as I am – my friends, it is my pleasure to introduce to you…


*enthusiastic applause* YAY!

The Summer Bored Games is a fun and creative way to bust boredom this summer, with dozens of wacky challenges – from thoughtful, creative pursuits to completely random activities. Collect points by completing challenges, and enter to win an awesome prize!


Let’s take a look at the details, shall we? 😀


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