I decided that since art and crafts is a big part of my blog, I will introduce origami.

Origami is a Japanese art. Ori in Japanese means folding and kami means paper. Folding paper is exactly what origami is. Folding paper to make other objects, more. If you’ve ever seen paper cranes, that is a origami crane that is traditional origami.

The newer, not traditional things are things like origami umbrellas.

There is a thing called origami paper. It is thin, square paper made specifically for origami. There can be thinner, solid colored, cheap paper like this –WIN_20180506_20_22_21_Pro

Or fancy, thicker, more expensive paper like this –WIN_20180506_20_24_25_Pro

Either way, origami paper isn’t required. You can use printer paper if you like, or any other thin paper. If it is rectangle, you can change it like this. Sometimes origami doesn’t even use square paper.

Origami can be very challenging, but it can also be very easy. It is helpful to know common folds such as the valley fold, the mountain fold, and the squash fold.

VALLEY FOLD: A valley fold is when you fold a paper inwards, like this.WIN_20180506_20_37_53_ProWIN_20180506_20_36_26_ProWIN_20180506_20_36_35_Pro

MOUNTAIN FOLD: A mountain fold is the opposite of a valley fold. Imagine running down a hill or mountain. That would be a valley fold. Then imagine running up a hill or mountain. That’s the mountain fold. WIN_20180506_20_42_07_Pro

SQUASH FOLD: A squash fold is basically un-explainable. I figured it out by watching a Youtube video. Here is a great example of a squash fold. Here are pictures I took:WIN_20180506_20_47_57_ProWIN_20180506_20_48_14_Pro

You will know more about the squash fold if you read my next soon-to-be post about making origami hearts.

Origami hearts scale 1-10: 3/10. It’s more like 2, but there is some hard parts.


One thought on “Origami!

  1. How nice. Thank you for this post.

    Have fun making origami. 🙂

    Also: this post reminded me of Quaq Quao, a kids show where the characters and their world are made out of origami paper. You can watch it on YouTube.

    Liked by 1 person

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