So each year for my birthday, my grandma takes me to a car show at this local amusement park. We’ve done it for about 3 years, but this year it rained so they cancelled the car show and rescheduled it for the next Sunday. I had plans the next Sunday, so my grandma took me the day before. There wasn’t a car show, but it was just as awesome. We got an all day pass so I could go on basically any rides as many times as I wanted until 9:00 PM. (The go-cart rides were limited to 4 rides, but I only did three.)

The new virtual reality wasn’t on the all day pass, so my grandma bought it separately *thank you grandma* and the line really wasn’t that long. Maybe that’s because it was 8 dollars for 1 game. But I didn’t know that my grandma was taking pictures of me, but it turned out pretty good other than the fact that the blue lights blurred it out a little.Hologate_VR

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