Maze Runner

I finished the 3rd Maze Runner book Thursday night, Death Cure.


When Newt dies, it ruins EVERYTHING! HE WAS MY FAAAAAAAVORITE CHARACTER! In fact, I didn’t even CARE that Teresa was killed. I don’t. For all I care, Thomas could be killed and the series would be over. I don’t care. I don’t care if it was Thomas, Minho, Teresa, Brenda, and Jorge that were all killed. And the rest of the Gladers. As long as it wasn’t Newt.

 James Dashner probably wrote the book so you would like Newt. So he would be your favorite.

 Now, Thomas is my LEAST favorite character because he killed Newt. He listened to the letter. I would go with WICKED if I were him to find a cure. Anything to find a cure to the Flare.

But if Newt didn’t die, it would be my favorite book. But… I guess Newt being dead is better than him being insane.

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