My family isĀ probably getting chicks this spring. I’ve done my research (mostly from books and videos) and now I’m really excited! We got this huge tub in our basement that we’ll put the chicks in. It was a LOT bigger than I expected.

So if there’s anything I should know that the books probably didn’t tell me, you should tell me.

*Charlie if u r reading this how about u tell me all about ur chickens (and if your name is Charlie and you’re reading this and u r confused, I’m probably not talking to you)

Also fun fact: You can feed chicks eggs as a treat…


Riddle of the WEEK

I decided I’d do riddle of teh week instead of riddle of the DAY, because it’s way to many riddles and I’d be surprised if I had three months of riddles (each day) so here’s riddle of the week:

A man in his car sees three doors: A golden one, a diamond one, and a silver one. Which door does he go through first?