Pancake Twists

I made my family pancakes for dinner tonight, and I added some different twists.

I didn’t put blueberries in them because they are too watery and whenever we make blueberry pancakes it doesn’t cook in the middle.

But I used other things. I decided orange and lemon zest might be a tasty treat. I also zested (is that a word?) frozen strawberries so when they thawed out, it would turn to liquid.

It worked. After the strawberries turned to liquid,  I mixed it into separate batter.

I used mashed up bananas and chocolate chips, too. The batter was made with Bisquick.

It turns out I’m a better pancake-maker than I thought I would be. And it also turns out that the strawberry, lemon zest, banana, and chocolate chip pancakes turned out good.

Not so much for the orange zest. I didn’t like how it tasted in the pancake. It was like disgusting candy. Trust me, the word “candy” may sound good, but you don’t want the orange zest in pancakes.

Surprisingly the lemon zest was delicious. My favorite pancake I made was the lemon. It was really faint. I liked that.

The only problem with the strawberries was that I could barely taste it. Next time I’ll use more strawberries.

I made a batch of 42 pancakes. I wanted leftovers :’D

I liked the banana but it sort of stuck to the pan. I didn’t know if it was done or not, because the banana looked like batter. But I loved the flavor.

It was fun but it took me about an hour 😛


I’m a Veyniac

Wondering what a “Veyniac” is? It means I ❤ the Michael Vey series. And I so far like Maze Runner. But that has nothing to do with what a “Veyniac” means…

YOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ THE MICHAEL VEY SERIES! It’s gr8! I actually hate to admit this… I like it more than 39 Clues.

But I’m MAD. You know why? I read all 7 books. The 7th was the last 😥

I want to start Percy Jackson and Divergent series later. I started Maze Runner today.