5 facts that non-French speakers probably don’t know about French

Hi! Here’s a few facts that people who don’t speak French probably don’t know. Hope this makes you want to learn some French! (If you don’t know it)

1: Did you know there’s a word for “Hi” and not just a word for “Hello”? “Salut” means “Hi” and “Bonjour” means “Hello,”

Bonjour is most likely the one you are familiar with. Salut means hi. It is more informal.

2: After a sentence when you add punctuation, you do a space before the punctuation.

(E.G. “Salut ! J’aime chats et chiens. Les aimez-vous ?”)

3: The French letter, “Ç,” the cedilla makes the “ss” sound like the German Eszett (ß). The only difference between the cedilla and the letter, “C” is the little hook at the bottom. Most people (including me) can’t type it on an ordinary keyboard.

Examples with the cedilla: Ça va (It’s okay), Français (French), Leçon (Lesson)

4: “Je” means “I” and everyone knows “I am” and “I’m” are the same words. In French, it has the same concept. “Je” has 2 letters. “Je suis” means I am. “J’suis” means I’m. Get it? This next one might be a bad example because the word changes a little bit, but you get the point. So “Je aimer” means I love. “J’aime” means I love.

5: “Bonjour” isn’t pronounced “Bon-JOUR.” It’s pronounced more, “Bonjoh.”



I am learning Spanish, French and German. My goal is to be fluent in as many languages as possible 😀 I would be happy to teach you anything I know.

I forgot to tell you, I am fluent in reading and writing Morse code. I can also blink it 😛