Life Is Too Short | MY MOM’S FIRST POST!

This is my first guest post on my blog, so I decided to have my mom make her first ever blog post! Every Christmas season I try to have more fun by slowing down and keeping it simple. I've already mastered from previous years not buying something just to "give a gift." I traded purchased … Continue reading Life Is Too Short | MY MOM’S FIRST POST!

tøp pøst/music pøst |-/

So, I don't know if I've ever done a Twenty One Pilots post, so here's one now. (I've been doing NaNoWriMo all day and I need a bReAK!) Regional At Best is being banned from Youtube, which is my main source for music. There is only *øne* good Kitchen Sink video that I can find … Continue reading tøp pøst/music pøst |-/

2nd Blogiversary!

So, I sorta forgot about my blogiversary, which was today. I joined WP 2 years ago, and I guess I've gotten pretty far. I've made friends, I've posted cringy posts, and I've been through 1 blogiversary already. So yay me! NANOWRIMO UPDATEEEEEEE! NaNoWriMo is going okay, I'm at like 11k words so far, and my … Continue reading 2nd Blogiversary!

Happy Birthday + Halloween, Mom!

So, today is Halloween, yes, but it is also something bigger - my mom's birthday! I want you all to wish her a happy b-day. 🙂 No, Mom, the kids didn't go trick-or-treating because of you. But that doesn't mean you aren't special. Thank you for buying me food, making me food, cleaning the dishes, … Continue reading Happy Birthday + Halloween, Mom!

Remembering Ethel

One of our smallest, most unique hens, Ethel passed away yesterday. I believe she has had reproductive issues since she was around a year old, maybe less. It was getting worse as the months progressed. Around 8 months ago, she started laying broken eggs. She would also frequently become eggbound. She gradually stopped laying eggs. … Continue reading Remembering Ethel

yeeee tøp cøncert søøn

I am soooooo hyped (bad pun) for the twenty øne piløts cøncert coming this next week. twenty øne piløts is my favorite band of aaaaall time. This will have been my 3rd concert I've been to ^-^ (Rush, Imagine Dragons, and now tøp.) Honestly, don't expect photos. I'm wayyy too lazy to do that. (Still no … Continue reading yeeee tøp cøncert søøn