YESTERDAY/TODAY IMAGINE DRAGONS RELEASED A NEW SINGLE!!!!!!!!!! It’s called “Natural” and you can listen to it here!

I liked Natural the first time I heard it. I’m really excited for a new album eventually. *Christina, don’t get too ahead of yourself. You went to an Imagine Dragons concert 2 weeks ago exactly.* I WILL PAY FOR MY OWN TICKETS EVEN THOUGH I OWN LESS THAN 200 DOLLARS! YES!

ALSOOOOOOOO, if you haven’t heard, TØP (Twenty Øne Piløts) released 2 songs (Jumpsuit/Nico and the Niners) from their new album “Trench” to be released October 5th and you can hear these songs here.

(GUESS WHAT? I’M LISTENING TO JUMPSUIT NOW! ALSO, I like Nico and the Niners better than Jumpsuit. Actually, UPDATE! I’m listening to Car Radio now. The song changed. “And now I just SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!”)



Lefty’s Guide to Writing

You probably don’t know that I’m left-handed. That means I get ink all over my hands and these are just some tips on avoiding inky hands when you write.

  • Lift your hand up. Don’t let it drag on the paper.
  • Don’t add pressure when letting it drag.
  • Move your hand under the writing.

There’s three tips. I guess since that’s not that much… I’ll give you a fact:

Did you know that if you’re right handed, you use the left side of your brain, and when you’re left handed, you use the right side of your brain. You probably knew that, but if you didn’t, there you go!

Ciao for now!

~Christina 😛

*UPDATE! I just read that “Lefties make better artists!” Huh…*

Spongebob Squarepants fill in the blanks

Try to guess or remember these funny Spongebob quotes.

“Is _____ in instrument?” -Patrick Star

“I’m _____, I’m _____, I’m _____!” -Spongebob Squarepants

“Well, first, we have to balance a glass of _____ _____ on our heads and sing the _____ _____ national anthem!” -Spongebob

“No, Patrick, _____ is not an instrument either.” -Squidward

“Squidward, I used your clarinet to _____ my toilet.” -Spongebob

“Hey, Spongebob, can I borrow the _____ bucket?” -Patrick Star

“East? I thought you said _____!” -Patrick Star


Is esiannoyam an instrument?

I’m ydaer, I’m ydaer, I’m ydaer!

Well, first, we have to balance a glass of klim etalocohc on our heads and sing the mottoB inikiB national anthem.

No, Patrick, hsidaresroh is not an instrument, either.

Hey, Spongebob, can I borrow the eseehc bucket?

East? I thought you said tseew!

If you know any funny Spongebob sayings, comment!


Happy Independence Day, USA!

Hello fellow bloggers! Happy Independence Day! I hope you are having a great Fourth of July.

I think that we should say Independence Day more than  Fourth of July because Fourth of July can be any day, not much different from the second of May. I’m not saying I’m right, it’s just my opinion. Fourth of July is also very overused.

Are you doing anything special for Independence Day? Feel free to leave a comment on your day!

Early nighty-night,

CHRISTINAAAAAA 😛 (I’m going swimming right now (in my backyard pool (Yay triple parentheses)))

IMAGINE DRAGONS (post 2 or 3)


Guess what: Yaaaaaay!

My favorite ID song at the moment: Bleeding Out

My favorite ID song from Evolve: Hmm… I Don’t Know Why is my fave. It’s less popular, but still great!

My least favorite ID song: Oh, why do I have to do this?! I’ve never been into Yesterday, though. Yesterday, the song. Not the day. Like, not today but the day before, not that. The song, because I actually had a nice day yesterday — OH WHATEVER!

My least favorite ID song from Evolve: Well, I guess Yesterday the song doesn’t count ’cause I already wrote that… so, I must admit that Next To Me isn’t really my thing. *ahh! Feels pretty good to get that out!*



Christina (Man, I used a lot of paragraphs!) 😛

My chicken routine

Whenever I go out to the chicken coop, I have to do certain things.

  1. I prepare some sort of treat for them to distract them from attacking me when I get their feed. I have to go IN the coop to get their feed, and they are CRAZY CHICKENS.
  2. I put my chicken hat on. My chicken hat is a hat that covers my ears so they don’t eat my earrings. (Before you ask “why don’t you just take your earrings out,” let me tell you THIS. It takes way too much time to take them off and put them back on, and technically I’m not even supposed to take them out for that long. So there.)
  3. I prepare my *british accent* attire. I now use closed-toe shoes (I’ve had an… experience with open-toe shoes.), I can wear shorts as long as I don’t get anything like bedding or chicken poop on them, because they think, “Hey, look at this! We gotta raid her to get this thing off of her!”
  4. I walk down to the coop and prepare to be ATTACKED!
  5. Usually, I talk to them through the window first. “Buh? Buh duh!” *proud at learning to speak chicken (hello Charlie :P)*
  6. I open latches and listen to the “mystery clucks” of the chickens before I open the door. They hear me out there. They all crowd around the door, waiting for me to open it. “Cluck?” Cashew asks. (hello Charlie :P)
  7. I prepare for the attack one last time, take a deep breath, and open the door. Instantly, I start pushing the chickens away from the door. “SCREE!” Ethel warns.
  8. I throw the treats towards the back of the coop. The girls run over to them, seeing what’s there.
  9. While I have time, I jump into the coop and grab their food. I jump out, shutting the door, and fill their feed.
  10. I open the door to put their food in. I let them crowd around it, pecking it. If they’re all eating, they won’t do any harm to me. Then, I put their food on the chain and let them eat.
  11. I shut the door, take my hat off. I don’t like wearing the hat in summer. I walk back to the house and wash my hands.

That is the end of my chicken routine. See ya,



Remember (or not) my old post a few weeks ago when my chicken ate my earrings? At the end of the post, I wrote, Then, today I went out to look for my diamond earring and another hen (or the same one) jumped and ate the diamond starter earring on the OTHER SIDE.

You might not have understood what that meant. So, today is a post about what that meant.

The day before, I was with my friend at the chicken coop and they ate my earring. My friend slept over. The next day, I tried to take my other diamond earring off so it would match. I couldn’t get the back off. I tried for, like, 30 minutes and I couldn’t get it off. My mom said “why don’t you just have the chickens take it off?” and that was just what happened. She was joking, but the chickens ACTUALLY took it off and ate it. I guess they like the way sterling silver tastes.