Extending my hiatus ;-;

Haiiii, it's July. As of now, I am on vacation (this is a scheduled post from 6/29) for the first time in about 5 years!! I'm at the Outer Banks. Anyway, I need to extend my hiatus to no given time. Expect me to be gone for at LEAST another month, if not more. I … Continue reading Extending my hiatus ;-;


May Wrap-Up + Hiatus

I did SO bad with posting in May. I was very busy and still am very busy, so I will be taking a sorta-hiatus but not. I'm still gonna be here reading posts and commenting and stuff, I just won't be posting. This will be my last post in maybe a month or two. But after … Continue reading May Wrap-Up + Hiatus

Short Story Submission ~Passion~

If you are not a blogger/follower/just reading this for enjoyment, don't read this part. So, I'm entering into EP's Short Story Contest, and I have to post it on something like a blog... so here. It's called Passion, by Christina {insert last name} and the story is below 😛 Jane's family had it made before her … Continue reading Short Story Submission ~Passion~