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Hey all, if you like writing (or not) check out this contest. And if you don’t already, you NEED to check out Ariana’s amazing blog.

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Yep, it’s time! 🙂 *drum roll* A new writing contest! As a writer, I love to see people’s writings, it’s awesome!

Here is how this works:


By the way: There is one winner, no matter how many submissions. 

What do you win?

A graphic of my making that explains that you won with a “1st Place” and such and such, and your blog link, (if you have one), will be attached in the post.

MY EMAIL: arianaboogie@outlook.com

See y’all!! 🙂


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New Year Resolutions & Goals

I’ve never been real into “New Year Resolutions.” I’m still not loving that idea, but I might try it in 2019 for the fun of it. I don’t like it because I don’t get why you can’t have resolutions when it’s not the new year. Like, everybody is saying “I’m going to start a diet in 2019” but then by the end of February they’re off of their diet and back to their old bad habits. Why do you have to start in the new year, too? I think that it’s kind of pointless to do good for one month out of your year, changing your lifestyle because it’s a new year. You can do that any time of year, not just for the new year. Not much else has changed. You could do it on Christmas and say, “Let’s make a resolution to quit smoking after Christmas!” But enough of my ranting, let’s get to my few New Year Resolutions.

2019 Resolutions

  • Start doing yoga.

A few years ago, I did yoga before I started school. I ended up getting really busy so I stopped doing it. I want to start doing it again because it really made me feel good in the morning.

  • Visit my chickens more.

Lately, I haven’t been seeing my chickies as often. Maybe 2 or 3 times a day instead of 4 or 5. I feel bad about that.

  • Help a little more around the house.

Believe me, later I’ll be regretting that I said that.

  • Clean the chickens’ eggs more.

I’m not cleaning them very often, maybe once a week at the most. I need to get on that. 🥚🥚🥚

  • Brush my teeth more often.

Fact about me: I’m deathly afraid of the dentist, yet I rarely brush my teeth, maybe 5 times a week. Gross, right? Well I had it good for a while, brushing my teeth once a day, but I’ve let myself go over winter break.

That’s all of my resolutions, but there’s endless goals that I have for 2019. Here’s a few:

2019 Goals

  • Keep my fingernails painted.

Yeah, I know that this is a weird one. But I painted my nails red and green for Christmas, and I just painted my nails the colors of my guitar. I’m surprised how accurate the colors were to my guitar! Compare:IMG-1404

WIN_20181230_18_25_25_Pro (2)

  • Get friends.

I only have 3 real friends, and only one true one – Charlie (here’s her blog.) I’m having a good feeling about friends in 2019, I have 2 kinda-friends other than my 3 friends, but I don’t consider them my friend until I have their email or something.

  • Share some of my photography with you bloggers!

I go on photography trips once in a while, and I never share it with you all, do I? Well, I guess it’s time to start.

  • Go rollerblading.

I went rollerblading with Charlie once, and it was really fun. I liked how you could change the music in the jukebox. Next time I go, I’m gonna blare Megadeth and jam out. It sounds like a good birthday thing. *OH, these rollerblading-less four months are going to be loooong.*

  • Get a young hamster.

If you’ve been with me for long enough, you might remember that my old hamster Humphrey died(this post). Well I got him when he was an adult. I want to get a younger hammy while still being able to care for my chickens. I don’t know how I’m going to manage that, but I’ll certainly try.

  • Learn Spanish better.

Sad but true, if I’m living in the USA, I’m probably going to need to learn to speak Spanish.

  • Get better at volleyball.

I could be in intermediate now, but I should probably stay in beginner for the next class or two to perfect my overhand serves (and I hate to admit it, but underhand too.) and diving. But I really, really want to be in intermediate for volleyball camp this summer.

  • Share my drawings on my blog and get better at it.

When I started my blog, I thought it would be about my art, and that’s why I named it “Creative Critique” (by the way, I hate that blog name.) but it turned out to be more about my life than art. So, I intend to sprinkle a bit of art into my blog along with the usual.

  • Go to a beach.

I don’t often go on vacation, and it’s been three or four years since my last vacation. This goal probably isn’t going to happen, but it’s just a goal, not a priority. I don’t really care which beach, but a clean one would be nice.

  • Buy and learn how to play a ukulele

Since I play guitar, ukulele would be fun and easy. That’s definitely a goal I am going to set for 2019.

  • Get better at cooking.

I’ve just recently realized that if I’m good at it, I can make money cooking.

So I guess I’ll talk to you next year! (Or, I guess, if you’re fast enough, this year.)

– Christina 😛

Merry Christmas!! + New Most Prized Possession Photo Shoot (Spoiler: I got a new guitar for Christmas!)

Merry Christmas, fellow bloggers! I’m SOOO sorry I haven’t posted lately. I’ve been SUPER busy, and we’ll get to that in another post. Today, we’re just celebrating Christmas! And celebrating Christmas also means celebrating my new most prized possession *drumroll please* *dudududududududududududududududaaaaa*

IMG-1402 (1)

A guitar! She’s beautiful. (P.S. In that photo, I forgot to take the tuner off 😊)When my family finished opening our gifts, my dad said “I think we’re missing one for Boogs,” and he went into his bedroom and came out about 30 seconds later with a gorgeous guitar with a silver bow on the neck. (oh, also, I’m “boogs.” It’s a nickname that my fam gave to me when I was like 3 years old because I “boogied” to music and stuff.) So, I freaked out, took it, and ran upstairs to play it. 5 minutes later, my dad came upstairs with my new pedal that he got me, and set it up and everything:


After I learned to use the pedal, my dad took the guitar downstairs and started adjusting it to my needs. I love my new guitar. It’s about 2 pounds lighter than my old one, and speaking of my old one, here’s a picture of the sisters together:

Sorry for the blurriness. 

My new guitar (the blue one) plays so much better than my old one, and my old one played excellently!

My family is very musical. My brother plays bass and percussion, my sister plays flute and piano, my dad plays bass and is in a band, and I play guitar and I am in two unofficial bands. (By unofficial, I mean both bands are managed by a music school and every 12 weeks we play a show with 3 songs. It’s not like we have REAL gigs. I mean, I’m in 6th grade!)
This photo shows her true colors, literally. It fades from silver to teal to blue, my favorite colors. Thanks, Mom and Dad!! 🙂 it’s called “ocean fade metallic”


Did I mention that I also received 24 picks? It’s hard to choose a favorite.

It’s my favorite kind of pick, that thickness and shape. You may have noticed throughout this post that I like the color blue. My favorite color is teal, though. The ones in the picture are just the new ones. These picks will last me ten years or so…

That should sum up this post, but how did my Christmas go other than my guitar stuff? Amazing. Other than what I previously mentioned, I got a green and blue lava lamp (my favorite colors), water dance speakers (I asked for the lava lamp and the speakers and got them. I’m surprised.), my grandma got me a Trench CD (Twenty One Pilots) and a $10 iTunes gift card, my brother got me a harmonica set, my sister got me this galaxy rock thing, my parents also got me a HUGE windup snow globe (I’m obsessed with those things), I got socks, hats and gloves, and Sloggers mud boots which was also on my list and if I forgot anything else, oh well. 🙂

I took this picture a few days before Christmas. I like the angle but you can’t see the star. Also, that wasn’t all of the presents.

It was again the best Christmas ever, as I’ve said for the past 3 years or so (well it would’ve been longer if four years ago when we lived in the RV, I wasn’t worried sick that Santa wasn’t going to come because we didn’t have a Christmas tree or a chimney. It was definitely the smallest Christmas ever that year, but it payed off.)(^^^^^^ have you read the post?)

How is/was your Christmas? Do you like music? Was this the best Christmas ever? Talk to me 😛


Christina ❤

Christmas Spirit

It’s exactly 1 month until Christmas. Last week, I wouldn’t believe it. Well, for two reasons: First reason, last week was NOT exactly 1 month ’till Christmas. That’s a good reason, huh? And two… I just wasn’t in the spirit. It was before Thanksgiving. But a couple days after Thanksgiving, I’m pumped up for Christmas. Right now, I really am in the spirit.

I was outside in pouring rain with my chickens, putting them inside their coop making sure that they were fed for the night before I closed the coop-to-run door. I knew that I would struggle to go back outside and close their door in the pouring rain. I was shivering. My hands and feet were going numb, and before I went back to the house, I had to bring in the eggs. Or egg, I should say. It’s winter and my chickens aren’t laying as much, but we have to give them some lights in their coop because today I only got 7 EGGS from my 12 chickens.

I tried not to drop the egg as I was walking to the house. My hands were quite numb. When I came inside, I rinsed my hands and they felt like play-dough. I got dressed and I saw it: The Christmas tree in the living room, next to the new couch. After that, I’ve truly been in Christmas spirit.

Anyway, I have an artificial Christmas tree. What about you? Take the poll below.

What I’m Doing On Thanksgiving

I hope that you’re having a very joyful and blessed Thanksgiving. I am. I’m currently with my great grandparents, grandmother, mother, and my brother. My dad is in the basement making the turkey, which should be ready in 2 hours. And who knows where my sister is. I’m listening to Imagine Dragons – Bullet It a Gun. It’s embarrassing — I think it’s a good song.

I just went outside with my great-grandfather and brother to see the chickens. My nose is red from the cold. (SONG CHANGE: ID: Digital)

I am itching to play guitar. But that’s not going to happen because I have to be with my fam. But I am REALLY itching to jam out. Good day for it.

GOOD NEWS! My band is playing on December 8th. I don’t even know what songs we’re playing and how to play them! But I’m getting better at guitar. (SONG CHANGE: ID: Zero)

I’m so excited to have pie. More than the turkey right now, but that’ll change. And I love potatoes, too. Any type of potatoes. Except for McDonald’s fries.

This is my great-grandmother and I, and I blocked our faces out with my favorite emoji because I’m not quite to the point of showing my face online.NANA AND I INTERNET SAFE

How’s your Thanksgiving? What do you think of the new WP editor? Do you think I should try/use it? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? Talk to me!

1 Year Blogiversary!! (Blog Party)

Howdy! Guess what! Well, I’m sure you didn’t have to guess because of the title of the post, but guess anyway!


I’ve really enjoyed sharing this wonderful first year of blogging with you all. Thank you!

We’ll celebrate by having a blog party! Just comment a short paragraph about yourself with a link to your blog, and check out new blogs!

What: Blog Party on Creative Critique.
When: Now.
Where: Here.
Why: Creative Critique’s 1st Blogiversary!
How: Post a link in the comments with your name and a short bit about yourself. Check out other blogs and have fun!

So let’s celebrate!

Also, happy Veterans Day! Today it’s 100 years since WWI ended. Thank any veterans in your family or anyone currently serving our great nation. Now let’s party!pusheenparty

Imagine Dragons ORIGINS!

I’m surprised. Touring from 2015-2020(if they’re touring for their new album, then it would be 2019 and 2020.) They wrote their 2nd album Smoke + Mirrors and went on tour in 2015 and 2016, and wrote their 3rd album Evolve while on tour for Smoke + Mirrors. Then they toured for Evolve in 2017 and 2018 (my experience at my local concert for Evolve) and now, if they tour for their newest album Origins, that will add two more years of touring. But as of now, they haven’t released any tour dates. They are playing a few more shows in November and December, though. But there’s no chance I’m flying to Mexico or Vegas to see them.

So it’s out today! Whoo hoo! I don’t like it as much as Evolve, but that’s to be expected if I’ve only heard some songs once. But I’m loving Zero, Natural, and Machine! You should check them out! I also think that the names of the songs are getting cheezier, like “Love.” I mean, who would name their song “Love?!” *Imagine Dragons did, Christina!*

You should check out Imagine Dragons’ new album Origins, out 11/9/18. I don’t like it too much yet, but I’m trying to!

What’s your favorite band? Song? Do you like Imagine Dragons? Tell me!

– Christina 😜🎶🎵🎼🎹🎧🎙🎸